Michele Bachmann’s Voluntary Co-Opt of the Tea Party

Politicians who routinely put their feet in their mouths are now going to speak for the Tea Party on Capitol Hill. That’s reassuring…

I called for a Tea Party Caucus to bring members’ attention to the cries of everyday Americans who are asking for a return to the fundamental principles contained within our nation’s greatest document, the Constitution.

And I have talked to many people who felt discouraged because no one in Washington, D.C. seemed willing to listen. This caucus will change that sentiment and ensure the voices of the people are carried through the halls of Congress.
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.)

Does the Tea Party really want (or need) congressional leadership, and shouldn’t Michele Bachmann have taken the time to ask (and not arrogantly assume) the entire Tea Party wanted any political representation?

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  1. Cheesestick

    “Now, I think you are being overly sensitive here. Would you rather have NO “representation” at all in Congress?


    I think being a watch-dog group rather than a party at the table was doing as much to keep Republicans in line as it was Dems. There’s so many ways in which an alliance w/ congress people will corrupt the mission. Up until now, we were able to keep their feet to the fire on a per-vote basis. Once we have a large group of card-carrying tea party congress people, they will use that membership as a pass when they vote against small govt. moves & cuts. Does that make sense? We already have “representatives” in congress…that’s the nature of their job. Why a caucus is needed is beyond me.

  2. Mommy RN

    I think I’d call this the overreach of the day… not the bonehead. If there WAS some sort of congressional voice for the Tea Party, she’d be it. I think the problem lies in thinking there are enough true believers in that the Tea Party stands for in Congress to make an effective caucus. There aren’t, but there are plenty of people who are conniving enough to see the writing on the wall and we’d end up with TPINOs in addition to RINOs!

    I’d like to see a return to the way Senators — USED to be elected. We’d have much different representation if they were sent by their state legislatures to lobby on behalf of their individual state as they used to be.

  3. spoilsport

    I like Bachmann also. However, I do not think it is a good idea either. When congress critters get to washington, (I ment it to be with a small letter to show my disrespect for the bums in charge now) it does not take long for them to start playing the insider’s game. As a tea partier, I do not want them speaking for me! I say NO caucus.

  4. Nicolas

    well, considering the fact that there’s some sort of federation of Tea Party groups or somesuch out there, she was probably thinking of bringing all of that together as a caucus. who knows?

  5. BHD

    The Tea party for me started as the people telling the Politicians what we wanted and gave WE THE PEOPLE a voice to Washington. It seems now the Tea Party is no longer a voice but rather a group being told what to believe.
    Bob – I agree, I don’t like this at all, I don’t like the idea of a national tea party I just don’t like how the voice of the people is turning into the voice of a selected few who feel they have the right to speak for WE THE PEOPLE. It started off with WE THE PEOPLE speaking up and speaking very loud, then the few people took over and killed the masses voices which in my opinion… I know Bob this is your opinion site, sorry adding my 2 cents… As WE THE PEOPLE have slowly lost our voice in the Tea Party we have left and no done much with it because it isn’t what it started out to be.
    Hopefully MB will be smart enough to continue to listen rather than speak for or too the people and will actually listen to them, but then again I don’t like to trust my government regardless of the party. The government is the enemy and needs to fear us the people period, when they don’t fear us they don’t respect us, when they don’t respect us we get the crap we have no in office, a bunch of whinny entitled people who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

  6. n.n

    I agree with Trishmac. There is a certain strength and resilience when the movement remains distributed. If we happen to find common ground, then that reinforces that a disparate group of people have the same goals.

    Politicians and policy advocates should remain independent. There is a fine line between leading and representing. That said, we must interact with, and express our will through, our representatives. Hopefully, Bachmann understands why the Tea Party must not be lead by a politician. The people need an opportunity to debate the issues on merit, and express their consensus. Politicians, on the other hand, must take definite policy positions, and negotiate a compromise when there is disagreement.

  7. RockThisTown

    Bob, you know as well as I that anytime they [Congress] “start sponsoring legislation in our name,” we the people are supposed to assume the position.

    Hopefully, in November, Congress will get the message that the people are tired of assuming the position.

  8. Trishmac

    I agree with you Bob, I don’t want the Tea Party becoming a “party” and I don’t know if I like anyone in government usurping the power of representation for them. As much as I like Michele B, I would much rather we keep the authentic grass roots of todays Tea Parties (of which there are so many) and not develop feet of clay, which will happen if it’s co-opted into some form of caucus. It would require by nature, a uniting of all tea party groups, a bad idea and a monumental task. State by state, there are many differences in Tea Parties. Let’s allow them to work on their own, and not try to form something that will not be sustainable. I love my Tea Party group, just the way it is!

  9. The Machine

    So if the DC insiders usurp TEA PARTY, then we can simply change the name of the grassroots movement…

  10. Bob

    This is my opinion (and that’s why you come here and I don’t make policy).

    The Tea Party is doing just fine without any kind of formal representation when it comes to pushing an agenda. Now, with a caucus, a congresswoman from Minnesota has created a national entity that will meet behind closed doors and sponsor legislation (with all those pretty little loopholes and pork nuggets) that may not be the will of the Tea Party, but will have our name on it.

    Also, the media will finally be able to come after the Tea Party by name(s).

  11. Igor

    Bob, as far as I know she has the “blessing” of the Tea Party in her home state of Minnesota – I have not heard otherwise.

    Now, I think you are being overly sensitive here. Would you rather have NO “representation” at all in Congress?

    A Senator, on the other hand, would be highly suspect. Don’t know of any that openly/enthusiastically support the Tea Party. Correct me if I am wrong, please.


  12. Bob

    And when they start sponsoring legislation in our name and assuming what our position may be…?

  13. Igor

    No. Yes.

    Although she is heavily aligned with and associates with the Tea Party. “Kind of” a spokesperson for us. A loose association here, Bob.



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