B&R Site Blocked By Marine Corps

Besides unwavering support, can anyone tell me what I’ve EVER done to the Marines?

You have attempted to access a site which has been blocked in accordance with Marine Corps and DoN policy governing the appropriate use of government information systems.

The Websense category “Social Networking” is filtered.


mcdsus.mcds.usmc.mil OU=Users,OU=LogCom,OU=HQMC,DC=mcdsus,DC=mcds,DC=usmc,DC=mil


If there is an Operational requirement to access this website or this link, users are directed to follow the MCNOSC directed Waiver Request Process.

Waivers must be submitted and endorsed through the local Marine Corps Installation G6/Information Assurance Manager, whom will forward the waiver utilizing the NetOps C2 Structure per MARINE CORPS NETWORK OPERATIONS (NETOPS) COMMAND AND CONTROL (C2) STRUCTURE (UNCLASS//FOUO) message dated 302012Z MAY 08.

The MCNOSC will accept waivers from the G6/IAMs of the below NETOPS C2 Commands.

Websense information and the Waiver Request process can be found on the MCNOSC SIPR webpage: www.mcnosc.usmc.smil.mil/operations/ under the ‘Operational Directives and Advisories’ tab and ‘Reports’, ‘WebSense’ tabs.

The Waiver Request Form and Instructions are available at: https://www.mcnosc.usmc.mil/Resources/Downloads/Operations%20Center/Website%20Waiver/Default.aspx .


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  1. Brandon

    Actually, it looks like access was attempted through a 3rd-party site “networkedblogs.com”. Our Websense filter blocks any URL domain with the word “blog” in it, which could be happening here. If they go direct to black-and-right.com it’ll probably go through just fine.

  2. Bob

    I’m not going to pull an O’Reilly and demand the military unblock my site. If B&R is of value to some of the affected Marines, they can make that request and I’ll be grateful but I’m not going to make some narcissistic stink that I’ve been picked on.

  3. tv2112

    Hey Bob,
    Remember when I emailed you telling you B&R was blocked in Afghanistan. It came down to they were blocking all Blog sites (and that’s what you were catagorized as). We have the same thing on our Airbase. However, we allow social-networking sites like facebook. I don’t actually use my government system to check personnel email, facebook, or fantasy sports during duty hours though. I don’t want to be “That guy” that let’s a virus in and crashes our base. Also, any site with the words sex, game, or any swear word are blocked. So is Yahoo sports (but not ESPN…because it’s classified as a news site.) Whoever runs the IT policies up higher decides unless a specific request is routed up with justification.

  4. The Machine

    Fight it.

    Contest it.

    Likely some leftwing bozo that goes around reporting rightwing blogs got this to happen.

    Set them straight and get it removed.

  5. BHD

    Bob… I agree with IT Nerd… the Jarheads just don’t like you Sailors all that much, thinking it is just a little professional jealously.

  6. bobkatowc51

    Just remember Bob, that the Marines are apart of the Navy, The mens department! LOL!

  7. girzwald

    For funzies, the same way you found this out, you should see if things like media matters or the dailykos are blocked by the same people who blocked this.

    If not, then you know exactly why you were blocked.

  8. Ilion

    Besides unwavering support, can anyone tell me what I’ve EVER done to the Marines?

    All the armed forces are bureaucracies, and most of the brass, expecially the top brass, are *bureaucrats* first and foremost.

    According to the mindset of the Bureaucrat-in-Chief, you are an “evil right-winger” … and so, the men in the military cannot be allowed to be exposed to you.

  9. Jewels

    HA! That’s kind of amusing, though not for the marines trying to read your site, I’m sure. The IT Nerd is right, somehow your site most likely got categorized as “social”. Some companies are blocked from viewing blogs and such at work. It’s really not personal.

    Probably, anyway. Heh. 😀

  10. IT Nerd

    It happens, Bob. Chicks dig sailors and jarheads get pissed.

  11. Bob

    “Some dorkowitz decided you are a hateful person…”

    You mean there’s a Marine somewhere out there intimidated by a Navy vet…?

  12. ecotim

    AS IT Nerd said, depending on policy rules. Yahoo sports is block but not ESPN sports. I have yet to find a real answer to that. Facebook and other social sites were block (but not yours, gladly) but then someone in the top staff wanted to see their facebook, and the security people caved in and now all those sites are back.

    Maybe you need some top brass who want to read your news briefs, and it will be reopened.

  13. Igor

    Bob, I saw this when I was on Diego Garcia in ’04-’05, and it’s the people making the decision(s) to block blogging sites – probably due to “hate speech” content. Some dorkowitz decided you are a hateful person…

    Don’t take it personally, but DO complain to The Green Machine’s powers-that-be. If you don’t squawk about it, it’ll probably never get unblocked.


  14. breadbasket

    Geez, Bob, WTF. Especially as pro-military as you are. This isn’t a NAVY vs. MARINE thing, is it?

  15. IT Nerd

    In Websense, you can recategorize a URL to allow access if it falls under a blocked category, in this case Social Networking. The IT Nazi at work has social sites such as Facebook and Twitter blocked, but does allow us to view B&R.

    Oh wait, I’m the Nazi.


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