Rick Sanchez And The Showbiz Third Rail

Let me preface this by saying no tears are being shed here for Rick Sanchez. If CNN canned him for bigoted remarks, if anything they were years late on this one.

After all, this is the same CNN that never even considered firing Rick Sanchez prior to the 2008 presidential election when he called three black men sellouts because they dared come on his show and say they were going to vote for John McCain instead of the Barack Obama HE concluded they should support. This is the same CNN that never even considered firing Rick Sanchez for slandering a talk show host by repeating an unsubstantiated, fictitious racial slur he falsely attributed to Rush Limbaugh.

But let Rick Sanchez speak ill of a Northeast liberal elite or imply that Jews run CNN (or the entertainment business in general) and that’s an instantly terminable offense.

It doesn’t matter that Bill Maher can say “nigger” on a CNN broadcast while Larry King chuckles at the sound of one of the worse racial slurs in America. CNN has standards to uphold.

And I’ve always wondered why people get so bent out of shape over the possibility that Jews run Hollywood; a notion that numbers seem to support.

One could read the first names of National Basketball Association rosters and conclude that blacks dominate the NBA. One could read the first names of Major League Baseball rosters and conclude that Dominicans now dominate MLB. As long as people are the best at what they do, is this a bad thing? A person can kill someone and be accepted in the entertainment industry until he dares mention the over-representation of Jewish names on any television or movie end credit and he’s on the street in minutes.

Unless Jews are hired into the business based primarily on their ethnicity and not relevant prior experience (and there’s no proof of this), I don’t see why people are canned for making an observation that any other group would be proud of?

The late Marlon Brando took a lot of heat for crudely pointing out (again on Larry King Live) that every ethnic group is caricatured negatively at some point in the entertainment industry except Jews. On Friday, a bad Latino was exposed and dealt with accordingly. Rick Sanchez stepped on the Third Rail of the entertainment industry and he may soon find out who really runs Univision and Telemundo.

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  1. Cheesestick

    I think the reason why it is considered unacceptable is because usually when someone notes the number of Jews in the media, they usually mean it in a negative & conspiratorial way. And I think the context in which Rick brought it up confirms that it was not meant as a statement of simple fact or as a compliment. He was in the middle of a screed about John Stewart being a bigot and oh by the way, there’s a lot of John Stewart types in the media.

    I do think it is possible that more weight is being given to his comments against Jewish media types just because that was simply the last thing, in a long line of stupid things, that this man has said. Didn’t CNN get a new CEO or something? And aren’t their ratings in the toilet? Could be they were just waiting for him to say one more thing & then bam! Fired.

  2. Mail

    Uncle Rick what on Earth are you talking about? For an example of how much tolerance a Jewish-run state engenders check out how they dehumanize and persecute Palestinians in the West Bank and Occupied Territories and how Israel discriminates against its own Christian and Muslim Arab citizens.

    Learn how they impose long term birth control on African (non-white) Jews in Israel without adequate consent and how they’ve instructed their blood banks to throw out donations from black donors lest it pollute semitic blood.

    Read up on how they tried to get residents to wear badges identifying themselves as non-Jews or how they’ve erected a huge internment camp out of Palestinian areas via a massive wall that dwarfs the Berlin Wall the Communists erected. Read how children dont have food or electricity due to Israel’s blockade and how elderly cant get their medicine merely for the crime of not being Jewish in Jewish territory. Learn how able bodied men can’t travel or even attend religious service because of the color of their skin or their faith.

    None of this has to do with the article or Rick Sanchez though. Obviously Jews have faced discrimination and have perpetrated discrimination, like most groups in the world have. But why can’t you Jewish posters make a point without demonizing Muslims, Germans, Communists and everyone else? 6 million Poles died in the Holocaust, 35 million Chinese died due to Communism, yet you don’t see Polish or Chinese demanding something of the world and demonizing others to prop themselves up. Since we are in America, don’t you think maybe we should all buy into the system and let go of our own prejudices and think of the country as a whole? Why is it okay for Jews to segregate and hold themselves above other people when they would be the first people to crucify any other ethnic or religious group to do that?

  3. MissJean

    Jan, you’re right. My daddy’s family didn’t stick to their “own kind” in marriage or friendships, and I was raised to be careful of people who’d try to sucker me by playing the “us versus them” game.

    Gustafus, you reminds me of a joke that was popular in the ’30s. A poor Jewish man would read a Nazi paper. His friends were shocked, but he explained that considering the reality of the times, it was nice to read propaganda about Jews controlling so much power and wealth.

  4. Jan

    Balls to the walls, guys. I was brought up to respect differences. Religion, color or creed wasn’t a factor. The real deal is that when you take the time to know another person………you can find a hundred good reasons to either like or dislike them intensely. Period.

  5. Uncle Rick


    I don’t buy it (‘Jewish masters’). But even if it were true, better the Jews than, say, the communists, the Nazis, the Muslims or just about anybody else. Jews have shown far, far more real tolerance toward those ‘unlike’ them (for a given value of ‘unlike’) than anyone else. The fact that they cooperate with each other, share business and other opportunities with each other hardly sets then apart.

  6. Fuzzlenutter

    Oh yes, I’m sure the ol’ “Truth Squad” at MSNBC would be thrilled (up their legs?) to get the drunken anti-Semite “Hit n’ Run” Ricky!

    I mean, how else could they go lower after Lawrence O’Donnell?

  7. chris97391

    Another one bites the dust! We should see Rick on MSNBC sometime soon!

  8. n.n


    The Muslims and Arabs were the people of empire who have a remarkable history of conquering, enslaving, murdering, and discriminating against people who are unlike, or disagree, with them.

    As for the Germans, they profited from the Jews in their midst, until their self-destructive policies lead them to a need for a viable scapegoat.

    If we continue along this path of logic, it will not just be the people of Korean descent targeted for their “free stuff”. The notion of redistributive change could easily be applied to anyone, and everyone, who possesses something that someone else wants. The next LA riot may be waged nationwide and it will not be discriminatory.

    rid ourselves of our Jewish masters

    What are you proposing?

  9. gagblue

    Well, now that he’s fired, he can focus on being the Jets’ QB.

  10. gustafus

    It’s more insidious that this. Jews KNOW they control America. They brag about it among themselves.

    Dumb Americans don’t know who is Jewish and who isn’t because of name changes back in the last century. Jews do NOT want us to see them as masters of media, foreign policy, the FED, Wall St, and every other power structure in our miserable lives.

    We might start thinking like Germans or Muslims… and rid ourselves of our Jewish masters.

    Can’t have any o that….

  11. Uncle Rick

    . . . Jews run Hollywood . . .

    Read the book ‘Empire of Their Own’.

    And so what if they do? Are they doing a good job? Should we care?

    I like Jews. I have been befriended by some, and, without exception, they have treated me with kindness, hospitality and generosity. Jews have made enormous contributions to science and the arts.

    I’d far rather worship in a synagogue than in Rev. Wright’s church.

    Speaking of basketball, it was a Jew, Abe Saperstein, who created the Harlem Globetrotters and tirelessly promoted them in their early days.

    It is no secret that most Jews are liberal and no mystery why. The real mystery is why they continue to support the Democratic party when it plainly sides with their oldest and most vicious enemies.


  12. IT Nerd

    CNN just had the change in upper management which may be a contributing factor in Dirty Sanchez’s release. He has made some off the wall comments in the past (as Bob pointed out) and was able to remain on the air. As a result of his and other commentators just like him, ratings at CNN have fallen.

    Perhaps his dismissal is the first of more to come.

  13. DasBus

    I don’t have TV, so I’m not familiar with Sanchez; but I listened to an audio of what he said. Personally, I didn’t think it was any big deal. It just seems to me, that the MSM (and Liberals in general), did what they do best: overreact. Only this time, it wasn’t a Conservative.


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