Why God Makes Middle Fingers II

After years of witnessing the customary liberal accusations of racism, homophobia, evil, and just plain stupidity at their political opponents, it prompted me to respond with the rhetorical “Why God Makes Middle Fingers“. The left routinely denigrates the right and should they later find themselves on the losing end of an election, liberals then demand the demeaned now reach out to them.

I concluded if Republicans really were that evil, they would use those middle fingers. Instead, they take the bait and offer up the demanded olive branch with nary a “thank you” to show before the insults from the left fly again.

We are at that middle finger moment yet again.

Read any column response today from a progressive, any liberal blog, listen to any of their talk radio shows, or just their casual conversations amongst their own and you’ll hear the same thing: the Tea Party are bitter clingers, AstroTurf bigots, racists, and most often heard: morons.

The liberal superiority complex is nothing new, but I fail to understand (and that could be because I’m a stupid conservative) how public name-calling could make me think to myself, “You know, those liberals are right. Democrat programs and spending ARE best for America and I need to see to it they stay in power!”

During those dark days while I was a candidate, I would NEVER think to encourage supporters to publicly denigrate the motives or intelligence of the opposition. I always considered it an exercise in persuasion; trying to use a logical argument to sway their thinking towards mine so I could earn their vote. If I were running today, and it just may be me but, calling the opposition’s supporters morons strikes me as a tad counter productive.

When the left wins an election, it’s because it was the “Will of the people”. But when they lose they claim it’s because the American people were too stupid to understand their points, what their defeat would ultimately mean, or the election was stolen from them (a recent favorite).

With all the diversionary accusations of “foreign money” influencing the midterms against them, the president and his supporters are now seeking to DE-legitimize potential Republican gains. It’s not because President Obama and the liberals in the House targeted business from Day One, or created a climate of uncertainty that’s stifled job creation, home sales, and the economy in general. Nah, it’s because the American people who opposed those policies were just too stupid to know what was good for them. We’ll also be expected to buy into the notion that stupid people were somehow still smart enough to defeat their “progressive heroes”.

So go ahead to give the finger to Tea Party rallies, insult Republican women and minority candidates, and laugh at the utter stupidity of those who will soon defeat you. When it’s all over come November 3rd, we expect to see you get in our faces and demand we now “share power”. Again I contend, this is why God makes little fingers. While in the past, we’ve taken the high road and attempted to accommodate those demands, we also know what little we get out of it.

If we use those middle fingers this time, go ahead and whine. You have it coming.

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  1. n.n

    I don’t believe people on the right feel that way automatically about liberals and others who disagree with our policies.

    This would be ideal, but when we are routinely accosted with admonitions of prejudice, and selfish appeals to emotion, eventually we must defend individual dignity and resist the oppressors. The followers of selective reality have forced the current confrontation and, by so doing, have set the rules of engagement. The path of totalitarianism and involuntary exploitation is not an acceptable means to achieve world peace. The oxymoron, “social justice”, is by design a policy which denigrates individual dignity, as is the normalization of a diversity of incidental features, as is the normalization of the destruction of emergent human life.

    If they do not wish to heed the good advice of American Conservatives, then they should at least remain open to the warnings fielded by their progressive predecessors. While they too acted on selfish grounds when they had no solutions to offer, they at least acknowledged that their principles and policies were subversive of society, and especially the individual. The contemporary liberal/progressive will acknowledge neither. Their answer to the failures of redistributive change is that an insufficient redistribution has occurred.

    They have conducted a self-destructive social experiment on a massive scale, and we are witness to the breakdown of our society due to fundamentally flawed principles and the policies which they engendered. They believed they could manipulate and modify human nature through consensus, at the expense of individual dignity, and they were wrong.

  2. Igor

    Hey Nancy! Harry! We’re gonna be giving YOU the finger on Nov 2nd…

    Liberal whiners…

    (Are we having the gloat party on the 3rd, or the 4th?)


  3. Trishmac

    Great article Bob, and all so true.
    I love that they feel we are morons, unless we agree with them. It’s amazing, and I don’t believe people on the right feel that way automatically about liberals and others who disagree with our policies. But they immediately pull the Alinsky move and demean and diminish whomever they like for no other reason than their disagreement. All done with no discussion or debate-it’s their way or you’re an idiot.
    It’s like the nonsense (that the left pushed and pushed) of Bush being the stupidest president ever, and also the perpetrator of the 9/11 attacks and then a manipulator of some people and some nations to help us go into Iraq. He was so stupid, but able to somehow manage to be responsible for all sorts of things a dummy shouldn’t be capable of. I’m not sure that intentional ignorance on their parts, would qualify as moronic, but perhaps it should!


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