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During my years in art school, I noticed two kinds of students. One had real talent and the other was rich kids who didn’t want to go to a four-year college and thought they could draw. Those were the ones who created bullshit “art” professors would stand in front of and intellectualize over. Performance art was the worst.

When those “artists” got out of school, they’d always seem to find funding.

Here’s one source….

The National Endowment for the Arts distributed $1.4 million in special “stimulus” grants to 37 private nonprofit “arts” organizations located in the City of San Francisco, most of which is represented by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi, however, had no role at all in determining who would win these grants or whether such grants would be distributed in her city.

“Art” like this….

In the first hour of the performance, the experience is purely voyeuristic, as the ethno-cyborgs create slow motion emblematic tableaux variants.

Our ritualized actions sample and mix radical political imagery, religious iconography, ‘extreme’ pop culture, sports, racially orientated fashion and theatricalized sexuality. Symbolic sexuality is everywhere. Some performers feel inclined to eroticize political violence and even war, while other utilize performative sexuality as syntax to gel religion and politics, or as a means to invert power relations and media images of demonized ‘Otherness.’
La Poche Nostra, description of live performance

Sounds like bullshit to me, and we get to pay for this as well.

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  1. Ilion

    By “shit” and “crap”, you are referring to literal progressive masterpieces, right?

    I was not using the word figuratively.

  2. onewiseguy

    n.n, I think you’re on to something about “Koran on Fire”. Just imagine all the goodwill your work of art winning the Nobel Peace Prize could generate….because after all, Nobel Peace Prize winners are men of goodwill who seek worldwide peace right? The Muslim nations would surely welcome you with open arms as a “goodwill ambassador”…

  3. n.n


    No, no, it’s nuanced. If you close your mind, and submit to their will, then the semantic play will reveal its wisdom. Remember, closed mind and voluntary (or involuntary) submission. It would also help to smoke some weed (but never smack) and inhale. The brilliance of their unremarkable faith will be only be fully illuminated with a slightly confused perception. And, if we are truly fortune, that weed will be legally available at your friendly neighborhood State of California.

    The progress, it bears an uncanny resemblance to regression.

  4. ortzinator

    It’s like listening to a scientist explain a complicated process. Except they can’t break it down into layman’s because it’s BS.

  5. n.n

    Oh, I just though of a truly progressive work of art. I call it, “Koran on fire”.

    If “Piss Christ” won an award in a regional competition, then “Koran on fire” should be eligible for a Nobel Peace Prize.

    And to follow up on this enlightened masterpiece, I will offer “Marx and Darwin’s intercourse in evolutionary degradation of human dignity”.

    This will be my piece de resistance, which will be unparalleled by any preceding claim to creative genius.

    I wonder if the NEA would be willing to fund my creative endeavors. And, just as important, will the ACLU and other “civil rights” businesses defend my Creator-given right to mock the lunatic left?

    I envision an effective visualization through a performing arts production, and will settle for nothing less than the descendants of simians. The realism gained from the employment of actual benefactors from progressive wisdom will be mandatory, if the exquisite nonsense of their philosophy is to be properly conveyed. To save a few tax dollars, and carbon credits, I hope to include the full diversity of progressive totalitarianism in a single production. How could they not beg for more?

  6. SFJ

    Bob…Can’t wait for you know who to see this post. Sadly, he’s teaching sculpture class right (and telling they better learn a trade that makes money.

  7. n.n


    Also, in light of the NEA sponsorship, it subverts the liberal/progressive demand for “separation of church and state”. “Piss Christ” is obviously an attack on Christianity sponsored by agents of our government. I’m surprised that the ACLU or other “civil rights” business did not send their lawyers to protest the explicit subversion of our Constitution (according to their interpretation). According to my interpretation, it is the taxpayers’ right to determine what will and will not be normalized by the society which they constitute.

    In any case, the dogma of the liberal/progressive cult is legally excluded from oversight, and, apparently, is even promoted through public institutions. The power wielded by this minority group is quite impressive. Despite a fundamentally flawed philosophy, they have managed to thoroughly infiltrate our society. The means by which they have effected this subversion are quite trivial (e.g., appeal to emotion), but quite effective nonetheless.

  8. onewiseguy


    “Piss Christ” is a perfect example of what I mean by crap that denigrates and/or is tasteless. Only in liberal lala-land is that crap considered art.

  9. n.n

    Ilion, onewiseguy, Igor:

    By “shit” and “crap”, you are referring to literal progressive masterpieces, right? What do you think of Christ in artist’s urine? According to “Piss Christ” at wikipedia, it won an award at Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art’s “Awards in the Visual Arts” competition. And yes, it was sponsored by the NEA. The arm of the federal government which determines redistributive change for the sake of artificially sustaining progressive art.

    It may be just me, but I find it offensive. On the other hand, a figurine of Marx or his successors, drowning in the bile which they spew, now that would be tres chic. I wonder if the NEA would sponsor factual masterpieces. Maybe something that amplifies the degrading effects of progressive policies, or my favorite, an exposition on the subversive influences of the liberal/progressive cult on the true spirit of science. I’ll have to consider how that can be effectively visualized.

  10. Uncle Rick

    Descriptions of ‘art’ by ‘artists’ are exercises in vaulting pretension. In fact, our language, rich as it is, furnishes us no adjective equal to the task of describing the degree of this nauseating pretension.

    There. I said it and I’m glad.

  11. n.n

    So, this is what our involuntary exploitation supports. A few stray lines and blobs on a canvas, and a mostly nonsensical assortment of words to describe what may or may not be an orgy in someone’s private residence.

    Oh, to be young, and carefree. When your parents, or taxpayers, pay for your whimsical ways.

    I think it’s time to cut them off, and, if their product is desired by a willing and paying audience, then they will survive and shape our culture; otherwise, let their parents fund their perpetual adolescent musings.

  12. Igor

    I know art when I see it. Unfortunately, lately the meme seems to be “Art is Crap”.

    And I’m friggin’ tired of paying for it!


  13. onewiseguy

    In my opinion, the vast majority of “art” out there is not “art” but “crap”. From sculptors, to painters to photographers the popular theme seems to be that which denigrates and/or is tasteless. Art is supposed to be about beauty….but I guess that is SO yesterday.

  14. Ilion

    If your ‘art’ ain’t good enough to stand on its own … if your ‘art’ ain’t good enough to survive without being attached to the government teat … if your ‘art’ ain’t good enough draw a paying audience, but must instead rely the force-based sucking of the life out of taxpayers who would never voluntarily subsidize you with their time and effort … then your ‘art’ ain’t worth the shit with which you’ve smeared it. Or yourself (if you’re a “performance artiste”).

  15. Jewels

    So… everything is an excuse for porn, is what the article is saying.

    I’m also in the art “industry”… though most artists would HATE for it to be referred to that way. (which is maybe why I do) And you’re right. There are an awful lot of people out there who only want attention, but are too lazy or untalented to put forth the work it takes to make real art.

  16. DasBus

    Repeat after me: “I promise never to make art again.”


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