Is Matthews A Ticking Time Bomb?

C’mon. Chris Matthews has to know how hypocritical he comes off. There must be something wrong….

Chris Matthews on Thursday actually showed a graphic image of the Capitol building with a red target on it and crosshairs in the foreground.

This is clearly one of many warning signs that shouldn’t be ignored. We suspend first graders for drawing pictures of guns at school, so episodes like these deserve the same kind of caution.

We wouldn’t want to look back at screenshots like the one above and say we had a chance to avert tragedy and no one did anything.

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  1. chuck

    I’m still waiting for his leg (whichever one it might be) to stop tingling.

  2. Nicolas

    oh wait, never mind. Doo already caught that. sorry I came in late 😛

    and no, MESSNBC will NOT get smarter..

  3. GoodMojo

    Folks! I’m not so sure we’re shed of Olbermann . As soon as I heard this, the first thought in my head was that he’s going to start another show on Oprah’s new network he’s got “lefty cred”, if there is such a thing.

  4. Doo

    I’m not saying they are smart. Just like today it got warmer here. It went from -37 this morning to -11 this afternoon. It got warmer, but its still cold. Northern Minnesota sucks this time of year. Replacing Olberdummy with a corpse would boost the IQ of the whole group.

  5. chris97391

    @Doo…….They aren’t smart, it just hurt in the wallet because of ratings. It will be interesting to see if and how Chris Matthew’s will change his tone! Another one bites the dust!

  6. Jan

    Does anyone with an IQ the size of a walnut believe that Chris Mathews or Keith Olbermann have anything to say which is factual or relevant? Sorry, I forget that there are people who believe they are entitled to half of what I earn……no questions asked.

  7. Tallyman

    He’s following in footsteps of Robespierre. First, he has a tingle up his leg for his “Supreme Being-Obama.” He speaks of a conspiracy using symbols to incite others against the State and Its exalted leader by the likes of Limbaugh, Palin and Levin. He, like Robespierre, speaks often. He knows symbols, or targets, or bull’s eyes, or directions to fire are uncivil and worse politically incorrect. Since a guillotine is a hateful symbol whose use we abhor, he needs to be summarily permanently dismissed within 24 hours as was Robespierre’s swift punishment.
    Viva the civil society. Viva, the swift punishment of offenders by Political Correctness. Like Robespierre, Matthews has turned from a defender of the State and its Exalted Leader to an enemy of the State and the directives of its Exalted Leader..

  8. n.n

    Why is he doing this? Americans have already responded in the majority that these tactics do not help their cause. If they persist, they will fail.

    Now, if we can just find the optimal compromise among the various conservative groups, and individuals, then the future looks bright for an American revival.

  9. Nicolas

    it’s like Andy Levy joked to Greg Gutfeld on “red eye” one night – “remember greg, ‘new tone’ ” 😛


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