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Looks like ol’ Harry has picked a new fight.

We should do everything we can to make sure the world holds Nevada in the same high regard you and I do. If we want to attract business to Nevada that puts people back to work, the time has come for us to outlaw prostitution.
Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)

Not that it’s being implied new business personnel would frequent ho houses.

Now just what do you think Harry and the Democrat establishment would be saying if prostitutes would, say… unionize?

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  1. n.n

    Reid is only concerned about progressive corruption infecting the Democrat machine.

    Jail for politician who hounded women during sex-crazed spree

    Mr Kennedy expects Marzilli, who has spent time at a psychiatric institution and is being treated for bipolar disorder and anxiety, will serve less than 55 days in jail.

    I think there is another mental defective managing the Democrat plantation in Oregon.

    Ah, I found the story …

    ‘Mentally ill’ Senator refuses to quit after sending picture of himself dressed as a tiger to one of his female staff at 1am

    The Democrat Senator for Oregon confirmed on ABC’s Good Morning America that his staff had tried to stage an ‘intervention’ and force him to have psychiatric treatment when his erratic behaviour caused them deep concerns.

    And, last, but certainly not least …

    Rahm Emanuel wins Chicago mayoral race

    Progressive corruption has a home. Thank you, Chicago.

    I wonder if Obama intervened on his behalf. I believe it was Jarrett who suggested that he would.

    And, here it is …

    Valerie Jarrett: Obama believes Rahm Emanuel eligible to run for Chicago mayor

    Progressive corruption in action. Only the “best and brightest” need apply. As for the supporters… Well, if you were willing to betray your fellow citizens once, then who in their right mind would trust you?

  2. SFJ

    Nevada: you re-elected this ass hole. He’s yours for 6 years. Enjoy.

  3. breadbasket

    If prostitution if legal anywhere, it should be Nevada. Vice and entertainment are the economic engine of the state, just regulate and tax it.

    I guess figuratively screwing someone for money is ok for Harry, but literal boning for bucks needs to be banned.

  4. n.n

    I forgot the obligatory: Sexual revolution! Let’s normalize that, too. Some of the guys were ecstatic. At least those who weren’t prepared to make a commitment. Feminists, serving for the pleasure of bachelors everywhere.

    The left-wing, since time immemorial, creating problems awaiting their solutions. The oldest scam known to humankind.

  5. Tallyman

    This bonehead thinks that outlawing prostitution will bring people with higher moral standards to Nevada, but fails to realize that many of them also hold gambling as evil. Sounds more like a desperate ploy to convince Nevadans that Harry cares. “Harry the Scorpion” is just a desert version of “Charlie the Tuna.” They’ll throw him back. Look out Harry, when they start buying pitchforks when the gasoline prices go over $4 and airfares skyrocket. You can run, but you can’t hide in Nevada.

  6. n.n

    Lunatics of the left, unite!

    What should we do with individuals who choose to fail?

    In any case, the free market will continue to rule. The only sustainable approach to remove, or marginalize, deviant behaviors, is through the process of normalization. Unfortunately, progressive corruption is the natural order, and it is the prevailing order in much of the world. It’s effects are amplified through promotion of involuntary exploitation.

  7. GoodMojo

    “Now just what do you think Harry and the Democrat establishment would be saying if prostitutes would, say… unionize?”

    They might hurriedly recognize:

    “HORGANIZING FOR AMERICA”? (“ho” and change…)
    The AFL-CI-“HO”?

    Then immediately bribe them, by offering waivers from “Hobamacare”.
    “Harry wants the government to be the only business allowed to screw the people.”

    …and, rape without consequence.
    In his whole life, Harry might never grow the stones to admit the president’s words and policies have done more to damage Nevada’s economy, than hookers. He would then be forced to admit his own culpability.

  8. Igor

    Gee, IT Nerd, the IRS??

    They’ve been puttin’ the screws to the American Public for…. how many years??
    Nothing’s really changed.


  9. IT Nerd

    Funny. His mom used to do laundry for the brothel workers in Searchlight when it was legal there. Brothels exist in practically every NV county except for Clark (Las Vegas) and Washoe (Reno)

    Harry wants the government to be the only business allowed to screw the people.


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