‘Black & Right’ Coming To NBC

No, not this “Black & Right“….

NBC has picked up the comedy script, Black & Right, which reads like the most important and influential piece of media regarding race relations since C. Thomas Howell’s Soul Man.

According to Variety, “the pilot focuses on a young, hip liberal African-American couple who lose everything and are forced to move in with their die-hard Republican pundit mother and her white conservative husband.” In other words, let the thinly veiled stereotypes begin.

While the concept sounds like it is simply courting controversy to garner initial viewers and subsequent ratings, it is reportedly based on writer Jennifer Rice-Genzuk’s real life. Whether the semi-autobiographical note will help Black & Right become something more than another All in the Family rip-off remains to be seen.

While this is all speculation based on the heated culture of politics in this country at the moment, the incredibly short fuse of so many seem likely to be lit by the political lines Black & Right will undoubtedly draw.
Screenrant.com, 1/26/11

First NBC hijacked my copyrighted music production name of “Parks & Recreation” and now they’re using the name of this near-ten year old website to racially mock conservative Republicans.

Talk about frustrating.

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  1. Chris

    The potential litigation process will take a long, long time. If there is any settlement potential to an across-the-bow shot at NBC then go for it. Otherwise you would need pockets as deep as NBC.

    There is the upside in that if the show is a success it may end up leading more viewers to your sight.

  2. breadbasket

    They had to have taken that from this site. Hollywood gave up being original and creative a long time ago.

  3. Tallyman

    Bob, you have black & Right as a trademark for ten years. An applicable section of trademark law FAQ is copied here;
    Must I register my trademark?
    No. You can establish rights in a mark based on use of the mark in commerce, without a registration. However, owning a federal trademark registration on the Principal Register provides several important benefits.


    You could sue in Federal court, but if you get application pending you might win without court action.
    You can register it on Monday, by following procedures below. That’ll probably beat any claim they might have, and you already have ten years use of your trademark. Hopefully, you already know that no one else is using Black & Right? That attorney crap is only a sop to the bar.
    http://www.uspto.gov/trademarks/teas/index.jsp is the electronic application

    also, free copy of application form at

    • Bob Parks

      Funny, I can’t find the “free” part and the whole registration process is kinda pricey at this present time.

      • Tallyman

        What was free was the copy of the form. Even if you don’t file, you can claim the trademark and write and ask them to desist. At the least, they would forward that their attorney. Your area of business might be internet and production of video recordings.

      • Igor

        Well, then, let’s fill up Bob’s coffers so he CAN do something about it, people.

        Don’t let NBC get away with it, Bob. Smack ’em right in the pocketbook!


  4. Katsy

    Let them use the name — as long as they pay you handsomely for it. 🙂 Or let you become a writer for it. 😀

    • IT Nerd

      My concern is that if our beloved host has not yet copyrighted the name, he may be hosed.

      If it is copyrighted, then let them use the name – for a fee.

  5. Gary

    Assume you have a copyright on the Black &Right name. That doesn’t make a difference?

  6. Uncle Rick

    Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.

    In this case it also means that they are weak in the originality and creativity departments.


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