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Senator Rand Paul has his way with Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency,
Kathleen Hogan

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  1. Libbi

    There would be no better headline for this clip than what you used. Thank you for sharing, Mr Parks.

  2. valli

    Senator Paul did another excellent speech on Thursday regarding budget “cuts” and attempts to blame the Tea Party for problems passing a budget.
    “4/14/11: Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against the Continuing Resolution”

  3. Mauser

    Say, Bob, I’ve been curious for a while now which article of yours rush is referring to in that opening.

  4. n.n

    The Unholy Alliance between Philips and the Greens – A Guest Weblog by Joost van Kasteren and Henk Tennekes

    An unholy alliance (discovered by Elsevier journalist Syp Wynia – see footnote) between a large multinational company and a multinational environmental organization succeeded in their lobby to phase out, and ultimately by 2012 forbid, the sale of incandescent bulbs

    A tale of competing interests clothed in green garb.

    You just know that when the only monopoly by design, the government, intervenes on behalf of a preferred interest, there will be accounts of progressive involuntary exploitation and liberal doses of hypocrisy.

    It would seem that there are a number of civil servants that have a predilection for “blood for oil” and toxic sludge which is somewhere else. It’s probably a self-esteem boost for the professional “environmentalists” when they can tell the tale with minimal cognitive dissonance.

  5. Tallyman

    Is there a flush valve at the Energy Department? Is Kathleen available to light several matches under my outdoor compact fluorescent light bulb which lights the way into my totally dark house this evening. Kathleen it’s really dark here, except if the clouds are gone when the bright light of the milky way provides illumination or the moon is out. Bring warm clothes as it is expected to be 20 degrees this evening up here on the mountain. Thank you for your kind devotion to your duty as a public servant and I’ll share a glass of wine when we go in the house.

  6. GoodMojo

    That was refreshing. Now, if I could just get video of Steven Chu, and his boss getting similar ass kickings…

  7. tv2112

    That was great! He put her to where she couldn’t respond with any actual decent answer. I did actually go and buy a crap-ton of the old bulbs since they had them 4 for 99 cents at our local Menard’s. I got the 100 watt bright ones too! Figured I’d stock up before you can’t get them anymore.

    • Igor

      Lowe’s had a Contractor Pack (24 of ’em) for 14 bucks, my wife thinks I’m crazy for buying them. We’ll see.


  8. spoilsport

    I loved how she really did not have anything to say when Paul asked her outright what right she and this admin. has in trying to tell us what to buy in our own homes.

    • Igor

      It for sure she would’ve looked even more stoopid if she had tried to argue the point!


    • n.n

      Denigrating individual dignity. They seem incapable of choosing the right compromises.

      Well, anything else would be in the realm of conspiracy theory. Although, as far as we know, history is not.

  9. The Machine

    Downright Churchillian.


    Let that man talk more.


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