Who Will Be The First To “Uncle Tom” Herman Cain?

As we all know, black conservatives are the last group where intolerant attacks are encouraged and justified by the PC left. Should Herman Cain’s presidential campaign gather some serious momentum, the left’s true feelings will come out. It’s just a question of who will fire the first salvo….

Who will be the first to go racial on Herman Cain?

  • Jackson/Sharpton/NAACP (45%, 119 Votes)
  • Bill Maher (30%, 79 Votes)
  • Chris Matthews (17%, 45 Votes)
  • Another liberal TBA (8%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 263

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15 Responses

  1. "gunner"

    add: my vote was sharpton and jackson, they've been riding that gravy train for years.

  2. "gunner"

    in liberalspeak "uncle tom" means any black man, (or woman) who thinks for themselves, you gotta stay on that plantation to keep the gravy train running. problem is the gravy train is hitting the end of the line and blacks, and nearly everyone else can see it, except the "liberal left" who still believe there's plenty of "other peoples money" to steal and shovel into the gaping maw of the welfare state.

  3. d299fl

    Isn't Bill Maher married to an A-A? I guess he believes that he is one by him injecting…

  4. Grenadiadrian

    I'm putting my money on Maher. His propensity to make a flat-out racist comment is damn near automatic.

  5. n.n

    It was Jackson that called for Obama to be neutered after the latter suggested black Americans should accept responsibility for their families and their lives. I don't recall that Sharpton held a rally outside his office to condemn Jackson's demand. Then there is the NAACP that condemns the use of "black hole" by Hallmark, but allows ElBaradei to freely use that term without any repercussions. Well, maybe ElBaradei was licensed to invoke that clearly prejudiced term, or he is no longer on the UN payroll.

    So, after reviewing the evidence, I will guess that Jackson (assuming he hasn't been neutered) will be the first to criticize anyone who is not racist.

    As for "tingles", he is infatuated with Obama. So, if he denigrates Cain, it will be done in order to sustain the tingle, which, with respect to his leg, is entirely justified.

    There is also that guy at Newsweek, who has stated "Obama is sort of God". We all know what an occultist is capable of when defending their mortal god. At the very minimum, they are capable of flinging (no offense to simian derivatives) inflammatory words.

      • n.n

        Ah, yes, the moron who revealed that he yields his dignity to a mortal god. What a depraved faith he has chosen to guide him. I wonder if masochism is considered a psychological aberration; and he seems otherwise normal, too. Oh well, it is what lies beneath that often proves to be the most harmful. I'm surprised that woman from NPR (Schiller) wasn't sufficiently empathetic to Thomas's plight and did not advise him to seek immediate psychiatric attention. It can't possibly be good for a sentient being to accept a self-deprecatory faith.

  6. GoodMojo

    Jackson/Sharpton/NAACP: I'm sure they are already saying it, we're just waiting for the video, or print version.

  7. Igor

    My wife says Chrissy Tingles, but I'm betting on the sure thing, Jessie and Al and the fun-lovin' bunch at the NAACP.


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