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Obama Asks Republicans “What Can You Say Yes To,” As Debt Talks Implode
How the White House killed the deal
John Boehner responds: Obama ‘moved the goal posts’
Sit through this and ask yourself how anyone could negotiate with this man?

Oslo, Norway attacks kill at least 87; 7 confirmed dead in bomb blast, 80 slain at youth camp
Who is Anders Behring Breivik? Norway shooting suspect’s profile emerges
Kinda looks like he could be Julian Assange’s hetero brother
Why It Wasn’t Unreasonable to Suspect Muslim Terrorism in Norway
I still think it’s way too early to rule anything out
Art Laffer Calls Obama ‘Very Poor President’, Expects Defeat in ‘12
CNN Poll: Drop in liberal support pushes Obama approval rating down
GOP Makes Big Gains among White Voters, Especially among the Young and Poor
Flashback: Is Obama a Republican Plant?
Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News ran ‘black ops’ department, former executive claims
Every news room investigates; if this had legs you would have heard this first on MSNBC
Michigan Muslim community focus of TLC reality show
The Koran says it’s okay to lie to infidels, especially liberal sucka infidels
CNN Anchor: Some Republicans Concerned Obama May Be Caving to Republicans on Debt Ceiling
Sounds like someone maxed out some brain cells on this one
Saudi Arabia’s new law would make political dissent a crime
American progressives are probably taking notes
Reporters asked to remove bras in Israel
I cannot offer objective commentary on this
Ackerman could get $1.5 million to leave Phila.
Ran failing schools, being paid to leave and is called “The Queen”, but can’t find her party affiliation…
Name That Party: No Media Report Acknowledges That Embezzling Santa Fe, N.M. Sheriff Is a Democrat
The media STILL thinks they can get away with this
Terror suspect ordered to live outside London to stop him transferring cash to Pakistan militant groups
Maybe kicking his ass out of the country would be a more effective remedy to the situation…?
Smiley and West take Obama critique on the road
Democrats always blow off black suckas after the election. Why are Smiley and West going after the president… THIS president?
Automakers Warn of Huge Job Losses Under Obama Fuel Efficiency Plan
Losing jobs is the only thing Obama is consistently good at
Cleared: man who killed a burglar
They took away citizens’ guns so they’ll use what they’ve got

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  1. n.n

    150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs: Embryos have been produced secretively for the past three years

    I guess deviant human behaviors, including: homosexuality, abortion, suggesting that procreation is punishment, etc.; may be just the beginning of what should concern all people.

    ‘Of the 80 treatments and cures which have come about from stem cells, all have come from adult stem cells – not embryonic ones.

    There is a reason why embryonic stem cells have been ineffective and worse. I wonder if these experiments are being conducted to overcome the rejection factors and uncontrolled development (i.e., cancer). It's not like we know the process by which managed differentiation is directed. So, why not conduct some experiments to infer some knowledge. It's a time honored tradition and it represents some kind of progress.

    I nearly forgot the secular cult's desire for embryonic stem cells. There really is nothing positive about their philosophy.

    Well, if our species does not succumb to the sexual revolution, then there are still other fates that await us. Maybe the scientists are impatient for definitive evidence to support evolution; so, they decided to accelerate mixing and adaptation. They're still incapable of establishing origin; but, at least they can demonstrate evolutionary processes.

    Am I being overly reactionary? Is it even possible to prevent this?

  2. bellefleur

    Republicans can say "yes" to Obama getting out of the way and letting the serious, rational adults do the hard work of saving the country from the reckless leftist ideologues.

  3. RockThisTown

    Obama Asks Republicans “What Can You Say Yes To,” As Debt Talks Implode
    How about your resignation?
    Saudi Arabia’s new law would make political dissent a crime
    New law? It can get you thrown in jail now.
    Ackerman could get $1.5 million to leave Phila.
    Where do I sign up for a job in which I can fail and get $1.5M?
    Name That Party: No Media Acknowledges That Embezzling Santa Fe, N.M. Sheriff Is a Democrat
    Liberal media: just keep right on thinking we're not noticing . . . . .
    Automakers Warn of Huge Job Losses Under Obama Fuel Efficiency Plan
    Going green always takes the green from our pockets.
    Cleared: man who killed a burglar
    Justice Squared: first when the burglar was killed, and second, the killer isn't prosecuted.

    • GoodMojo

      If Obama would resign, I would learn to say yes in thirty languages.

      • Ilíon

        I already have 'Yes', 'ja', 'oui', 'si' (though I generally refuse even to acknowledge knowing anything about that language), and 'da'.

  4. BRFan

    Oslo, Norway attacks kill at least 87; 7 confirmed dead in bomb blast, 80 slain at youth camp

    I don't know how it's possible to shoot at least 80, including wounded. I can see 5 or 6 shots before people would scatter all over the place. I know they were on an island but it still seems incredible.

    • Igor

      Depends on the person, BRFan, kids don't know the sound of a high-powered rifle and/or what it means. Most people panic or freeze in an emergency situation. It all boils down to training, and thinking fast on your feet – not panicking, but doing something reasonable in the little time you have. This is why you train, train, train, and do a LOT of "what if" in your mind. Having a half-assed plan is better than nothing, or blind panic for that matter.

      I can also well imagine the "It'll *never* happen here!" mindset may have played a large part as well.

      • Ilíon

        'Cause, as every thinking persons knows, "When seconds matter, the police are only minutes away."

  5. Ross Calloway

    What political theater. The community organizer has the audacity to say that Republicans are irresponsible for not having come to a solution, that he likes, to solve the debt problem. The one HE WORSENED with his legislation.

    Meanwhile, who is it that has not submitted a plan of his own, or of their own, to solve the debt problem? It is Obama and his statist pack of Democrats that have no plan of their own, and still don't have a 2011 budget.

    He thinks that he can get by with his class warfare and wealth envy, aka dividing the country, community organizing tactics. And that no one will say to him, where's your plan? Where's your budget Mr. Empty Suit?

    Funny thing is, they have a new term to explain incompetence, they call it leading from behind.

  6. Chris97391

    I visit daily, the Quick Vote question for the weekend is How is Barack Obama handling his job as president?
    Total votes: 42589
    This is not a scientific poll
    Maybe Americans are waking up? I hope it's not too late!

  7. Tallyman

    A Darwinian solution to progressive environmentalism: require all of them to only use those super fuel-efficient car/DEATH TRAPs. How do you negotiate with Obama, the lie and liar? Get it in writing or go home.

  8. Ilíon

    "Kinda looks like he could be Julian Assange’s hetero brother"

    I can see it when you put it that way.

    • Neecie

      I may be completely off my nut, but this picture looks like a photo realistic computer generated person. His face is perfect, not a single flaw in his complexion. It really has that "uncanny valley" look to it. It is also strange that his complete profile and a wikipedia page on him popped up within a couple of hours of the shooting. I'm just not sure I am buying this "right wing nut" story. It really doesn't make sense.


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