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Union thugs intimidating a news crew and CNN’s Carol Costello thinks it’s a fuckin’ riot

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  1. The Machine

    First you must prove that she can actually THINK…

    • n.n

      As counsel for the defense I would request that the prosecution prove my client does not think. I will, however, concede that my client may have exhibited an emotional response during which time her mental faculties were impaired. This does not, per se, demonstrate that my client does not think. In the interests of justice being served, I will demand that prosecution refrain from further libel, and that the court presume innocence until guilt has been demonstrated.

  2. n.n

    This isn’t Egypt!

    The parody was so extreme, that she probably thought it was a manufactured event by CNN producers.

  3. Tallyman

    I’m sure she believes in karma. I hope she gets that choice assignment to go to Egypt and stand outside a Coptic Church and interview the peaceful Arab Spring Intellectuals parading there and be able to convey their message of love combined with their Arab Spring’s ideals. We promise not to laugh at her misunderstandings of the local culture..

    • Igor

      Karma’s gonna be a real stone-cold bitch with this one, Obi-Wan… errrr, Tallyman.

  4. Iron Mike

    Easy to understand!

    She WORKS for CNN, she get’s her news from CNN, and they don’t cover the NEWS, so she has NO CLUE! Good chance she doesn’t KNOW which ‘Washington’ the action takes place in.


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