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A Muckraker Production

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  1. Tallyman

    And Obama called out. And the dead arose and all voted Democrat and joined the living true believers in celebration of the Dawn of Marx’s Heaven on Earth, while the apostate and their tea baggers were driven down into a Hell.

    • Igor

      Because they are the ones trolling the graveyard, koala.

  2. Mauser

    The sad thing is, libs will see this and dash off a check to Americans Against Voter ID.

  3. chris97391

    I wonder if the government owned mainstream TV networks will air this? I say wonder because we don’t watch those networks anymore.

  4. n.n

    That’s hilarious! The Democrats, and similar, commune with the dead and sacrificed. It must be easier to control the dearly departed, which would explain their obsession with abortion. Their secret weapon consists of abortion mills manufacturing voters who are amenable to left-wing policies.


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