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You’re in a group photo op at the United Nations. Everyone knows how to conduct themselves at events like these. Only a bumbling idiot would go against protocol.

And no, I’m not going to apologize to the nations of the world for the actions of our president. I wasn’t one of the millions dumb enough to vote for him.

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  1. chrisbg99

    Well course he needed to do that. Gotta make sure everyone knows he is in there, just in case anyone would forget.

  2. eNeecie

    Okay, this is not the first time he has acted like this. I think it is time for random drug testing of people who hold high offices. Look at that picture again and tell me whether or not he looks like he might have been snorting something earlier.

  3. bellefleur

    Who knew it was possible for one person to be both a punk and a doofus? That Barry is one talented guy.

  4. RockThisTown

    There’s a very simple explanation: he’s taking the oath as President of the United World Order (UWO).

    His first action as UWO President: Sign an executive order eliminating all currencies on the planet (including & especially the dollar) and establishing in their place 1 world currency: the Bar-bama. It shall be a felony offense, punishable by death, to use or attempt to use any currency other than the Bar-bama for any financial transaction. Second action: Sign an executive order confiscating all guns from individuals and make it a felony offense, also punishable by death, for an individual to own, possess, use, buy or sell a firearm. Third action (although this one may not be necessary in the U.S. seeing he already has the American MSM in his pocket): Sign an executive order establishing one news media outlet, UWONews, which must approve the content of all TV shows, pamphlets, brochures, newspapers, movies, songs, books, magazines, internet, and any other means of disseminating information, prior to said information being so disseminated to the people. Fourth action: Establish Obamacare as the world’s ONLY health care provider. Any health care provided or received outside Obamacare shall also be punishable by death. Fifth action: Merge all the armies of the world into one military unit – to be known as ObamArmy, with him as Commander-in-Chief, naturally. Final action: Eliminate all checks and balances (legislative, judicial branches) on the power of the UWO President.

    Tongue-in-cheek? Yes. Unrealistic? Not to this narcissistic sociopath.

    • n.n

      I apologize to the geeks, this is actually a dork moment.

  5. GoodMojo

    Is he that stupid? Or, does he disrespect others just that much?

  6. Igor

    What an utter putz. He has ZERO class.

    Can somebody pleeeeeeeze show him and his ilk the door?

    486 days. Sigh.

  7. Tallyman

    The triumph of his affirmative action and self esteem education. He learned he is the most esteemed. it’s not his fault, his teleprompter was too far away and couldn’t give him directions.
    “Full of sound, fury and himself and revealed as a grinning buffoonish moron.”

  8. Chris

    The things above the head are the top button and a prtion of the name tag/ID for the person on the top row.

    Whether it is shopped or not is insignificant.

    It is at moments such as this that I think of the Far Side cartoon of sharks circling the cargo of mannequins that has fallen into the sea from a sinking ship. One shark quips to another wondering if “this is some sort of cruel joke”.

    For many of the people in this country who have experienced or witnessed various levels of discrimination against blacks and others and had looked forward to that day when a member of a downtrodden group would achieve the highest office in this country, BHO just has to be a cruel joke.

  9. PB-in-AL

    I don’t think it’s ‘shopped. Look at the guy row back and to our right of zerO. He’s looking toward zerO with a “whata dumbass” look on his face.

  10. Koala

    Is that for real or photo-shopped? What are those two things on his head? That can’t be real.

    • Koala

      Just saw video of the incident and it is for real. Holy crap.

  11. Chris

    “Peace is hard” sayeth the Prez to the UN. But hey, look at me. My brain is soft as cotton candy plus I got the Nobel for doing nothing. Don’t cha love those Predator/missile strikes against the bad guys. Don’t you have another award for that?


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