Occupy Colleges: Now Students Take To The Streets

I hope you tuition-paying parents are happy your grateful children are going to leave classes at noon, join up with the nearest “Occupy” (if they know where it is), and demand free tuition and jobs. The latest liberally-indoctrinated Los Angeles infection to spread across the nation.

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  1. n.n

    Did Amazon sell out the rest of the nation?
    As part of the deal with Brown, lawmakers and bricks-and-mortar retailers, such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Target Corp., Amazon agreed to start collecting sales taxes in September 2012 and work with California and other states to ask Congress to pass a national Internet sales tax collection law.

    The IRS and state tax commissions should pay private businesses for doing their job and collecting “revenue” for the government.

    So, with the passage of time, and memories faded, how accurately can we distinguish between cause and effect?

    Today, we know there is a conspiracy between government and actors in the private sector. We do not know where the conspiracy was initiated; but, as with the case described above, we know that coercion was a tactic. We also know that without corruption in the civil service, among the elected and bureaucrats, progressive involuntary exploitation would not have been possible on a grand scale, neither would there exist a massive distortion of the market, which has inflated the price of assets and commodities across the board.

    I guess $7 trillion annually (nearly half of the national GDP) is insufficient to fund the government’s operations.

    • Igor

      n.n, you know as well as the rest of us that NO amount of money is sufficient to fund the Gubmint’s “operations”! Running roughshod over the Great Unwashed Masses, they will grab all they can and then ask, “Is that ALL there is?!?”


  2. tv2112

    It is kind of weird being where I’m at. I take a night class at our local university and EVERY student in my class has a job. Some of the younger guys actually have full time jobs and shifted to night classes (the money was too good for them to pass up). The really sad part is we should have 0% unemployment here. Our McD’s starts at 10 bucks an hour. Qdoba is 13.00 starting. A county clerk starts at 2300 a month. Then the oil fields run 55K to 120K annual. Some higher. Thing is, one of our local McD’s had to close at 7pm because they can’t find enough help. Every retail and restaurant here has help wanted signs. It is crazy the amount of work available. The thing that really hurts is there is zero available housing due to the flood.
    So no students here will walk out (since most teachers here include participation as part of your grade) and you can’t participate is you aren’t there 🙂

  3. Tallyman

    Dear son and daughter,
    I know you want to fulfill the dreams of your teachers. But going to a college in the USA to learn Marxism second hand is only second rate. I’ve arranged for you to spend the next fours in Cuba where you can use your youthful energy to work extremely hard on a State farm to fulfill the needs of your host country. I’ve sent Raul, your new leader, $20,000 as a gift to thank him for allowing you this opportunity to learn Marxism up close and personal. Raul promised to treat you just like any other hard working Cuban and to make sure you to spend the entire year without any vacation doing what you love. After four years of this immersion education you can return here or go as a revolutionary to some of part of this earth.
    With love, your hated old conservative Dad.
    P.S. Make sure to always wear a hat in the fields, because skin cancer is in the family

    • n.n

      Then, and only then, will they finally realize that crimes committed by authoritarian interests, funded through involuntary exploitation, their exploitation, represents the highest form of corruption. They will return as liberals and progressives (a.k.a. conservatives), seeking redress from “liberals” and “progressives”, for their crimes of denigrating individual dignity and devaluing human life.

      It will be a life lesson that many people have yet to learn. That there are reasonable compromises of individual dignity in the process of establishing and developing a society; and that they were progressively incapable of reason.

      They should get down on their hands and knees and thank Wall Street. It was those people’s ambitions that enabled our government to spend several hundred billion dollars annually to fail to alleviate indigence and homelessness in America. It was their ambitions that enabled our government (at all levels) to spend $7 trillion in fiscal 2011, accounting for nearly half of the national GDP.

      The root cause of the financial crisis stems from a massive distortion of the market through fraudulent and incompetent manipulation of supply and demand.

      The COWS are both right and wrong. Their priorities are wrong.

  4. n.n

    This interview with Cain is making the rounds:

    Cain Tells Wall Street Protesters: It’s YOUR Fault You Don’t Have Jobs

    There is more context; but, the essence of his remark is captured in this headline. Unfortunately, there are several factors that are not within private control. So, individual Americans are not exclusively responsible for their fate. He should have qualified his statement.

    The coincidence of this interview with COWS is unfortunate. It is further unfortunate that the full context of a situation must be presented each and every time a statement is made in order to overcome any misunderstandings. I really hate the gotcha moments. They are, to say the least, an unproductive measure of individual integrity.

    • Koala

      It wasn’t until last night I understood why Obama has been so smug about the economy. He has protesters all over the country doing the bidding of ???
      He is sure he is winning with this “grassroots” movement against the capitalist system. He has nothing to worry about. The pawns are doing his dirty work for him. They are not truly certain as to why they are protesting but the end result is to ” fundamentally transform the United States of America”. The people are out there just begging the government to take over our lives.
      I am in agreement with Cain and am very curious about his choice of spiritual symbolism , 999, opposite of 666 to reform our tax system. Was that intentional? Probably not but it will keep the conspiracy theorists busy. Ha

  5. n.n

    I bet those students have no clue how the presence of over ten million illegal aliens (and their numerous children) affects their expenses. They have no clue the cost of illegal aliens displacing American men, women, and children. They have no clue how normalizing welfare (i.e., progressive involuntary exploitation of taxpayers) for citizens, legal residents, and illegal aliens, distorts the market and, in fact, undermines economic development. How it, in great measure, contributes to the wholesale inflation of products and services; thereby necessitating a progressive minimum wage.

    The principal reason for our economic crisis is due to massive distortions of the market. This was perpetrated by actors in the private (for-profit and non-profit corporations, including unions, representing public and private sector workers, environmentalists, advocates, lobbyists, lawyers, etc.) and public (both elected and members of the bureaucracy) sectors, pursuing dreams of instant gratification. The market, as it exists today, does not reflect a true measure of supply and demand, nor productivity.

    The correction must begin with holding authoritarian interests accountable for general incompetence and crimes against American citizens. We can no longer afford to play the game of selective history, selective science, and selective reality. Either we discuss the issues of merit or they will succeed in subverting our nation for their profit.

    We can judge their economic acumen by the progression of indigence and even homelessness in America. This is despite spending several hundred billion dollars annually to alleviate those conditions, and, in fiscal 2011, the government, at all levels, spending a record $7 trillion (nearly 1/2 of the national GDP).

    If we hope to ever effect a controlled and sustainable mitigation of corruption, then the correction must begin with authoritarian interests. The “occupy wall street” cooperative (COWS) movement should have joined the Tea Party in D.C. The priority of COWS suggests that they either harbor ulterior motives or they are unaware that crimes committed by authoritarian interests funded through involuntary exploitation represents the highest form of corruption and the greatest threat to society. There is no greater threat to civilization than a monopoly position held by people with a granted authority.

    Oh, one more thing. Assumption of debt through student loans is an example of voluntary exploitation. If you reject responsibility for your voluntary action, then before discharging your obligation, you must be punished for your negligence or incompetence.

    Boehner: Congress Will Review SEC Probe of S&P

    What could possibly have motivated the SEC to action? I am absolutely certain there was no untoward or ulterior motives involved. I guess some people prefer a selective reality.

    • n.n

      Well, at least the SEC has stopped watching porn on the job. I suppose that’s some kind of progressive.

  6. Igor

    It’s the Welfare/Entitlement Mentality coming to wipe us out, and start a Brave New World (Order).

    Stand firm, Conservatives! We’ve got a heckuva mess to clean up in 2013.


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