Do Racebaiters Touré, Finney Now Have A Problem With GOP Cowboys, Bills Fans?

Referring to Republican supporters of Herman Cain, MSNBC’s Touré said “It’s very jarring for the GOP, for anybody, I think, to see a black man be sexually aggressive in an unwanted way toward a blonde, white — especially a blonde, white woman.” Commentator Karen Finney also admitted her personal disdain for the “whole other layer of black sexuality”.

Bills’ Nelson hugs Cowboy cheerleader girlfriend after score

Touré and Finney are liberal elitists so I wouldn’t expect them to be watching football today, and even if they were I doubt they’d have the guts to say anything here.

Happiness is hard enough to come by in the world thus it should be nobody’s business whom is attracted to whom, but for some reason, interracial relationships within the GOP is looked down upon by the superior-minded, ever-race conscious left.

If that’s the case, miserable bigots like Karen Finney and Touré are clearly being safe and selective. Do you think they’d have the guts to aim their personal, public racial biases towards professional athletes who marry outside their race, or those in the news media or the entertainment industry?  I think not.

Given the vitriol in his statements, Touré’s a superior hypocrite given his interracial marriage to Rita Nakouzi, fashion and lifestyle trend consultant. Karen isn’t married and may be channeling a desire for some of that “whole other layer of black sexuality”.

The truth is still the big unknown when it comes to the Herman Cain accusation saga, but I consider it the epitome of arrogance to perpetuate liberal animosity of select interracial relationships to American households when some are living in that very same house.

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  1. Nabil Al-Murabit

    For the life of me, I can’t understand Negro regressives. Regressives are disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change. Now, being a regressive negro, I have to ask you what existing conditions are you trying to preserve? What institutions do Black people have in Amerika that you’re protecting and why are you adverse to change?

  2. The Machine

    @Uncle Rick: 

    I’m a black Virginian of the same age who says DITTO to ya…


  3. GoodMojo

    Who in the fuck is Karen Finney anyway? I’ve never heard of this Toure’ either.  If they are miserable, (and certainly as racists they appear to be) by what right do they spread their misery to others indiscriminately?

    • Igor

      GoodMojo, as you are well aware, access to the media does not an intelligent comment or opinion make.  Just look at the millions of monkeys typing on their keyboards trying to put out a Shakespeare-like sonnet.

      Come to think of it, there are already a million monkeys on a million typewriters, and Usenet is nothing like Shakespeare.
      —Blair Houghton
  4. Uncle Rick

    I would be astonished to discover that “black sexuality” is somehow distinct from “white sexuality” in any meaningful sense. But if I did, I would also be really cautious about saying so out loud.

    But then, I am a conservative, 60+ white Texan and not an X-gen liberal.

  5. louielouie

    my senior year in high school, rita evans, a white chick, was kicked off the cheerleaders for going steady with a white football player at our arch rival.  let’s set aside comments regarding whether none of us were good enough for her.  due to the pc bullshit i can’t leave a comment about how pissed i was to see this happen.  dallas cowboy cheerleader management should review this.  if they want to date, who gives a rip.  on the field, that is their place of employment.  she represents the dallas cowboys organization.

    lets  just say, for the sake of argument, david ortiz isn’t married and doesn’t have three kids.  just for argument.  his white chick girlfriend wears a baseball cap with interlocking “N” and “Y” and wants to sit in the family/girlfriend section.  uh huh, thought so.


    • Bob Parks

      “PC bullshit” isn’t allowed here, Louie. you know that. Please feel free to speak your mind.

    • louielouie

      let’s say it comes out they are not boyfriend/girlfriend.  let’s say they are married.  who cares.  it still doesn’t change my position.  regarding the actual act, i’d place most of the blame on the bill’s receiver instead of the cheerleader.  him catching that pass and going out of bounds on the side of the field when she was rotated to that position was just by chance.  i’d say he placed her in that situation because of the emotion of the moment.  still doesn’t change anything AFAIC.

      if liberals want to make an issue of this let ’em.  i’ll let better wordsmiths than myself address that issue.

      and yeah, she’s hot.  arms look kinda skinny though.



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