The B&R Tuesday Edition

Horrifying video of Tibetan nun in flames on street in latest self-immolation protest against China
Remember this when we’re assured we can work with the ChiComms

They didn’t fail – they succeeded in doing nothing
Boehner blames Obama for failure of supercommittee to reach a deal
Toomey: Super Committee Democrats Rejected Compromise, Demanded $1 Trillion Tax Hike
Obama rips GOP for supercommittee failure
‘Time to get back to work’: Obama chides Republicans for Super Committee’s failure to reach debt deal as he vows to veto any attempt to derail automatic spending cuts
He said after coming back from yet another trip
Poll: ‘Occupy’ movement fails to capture Americans’ interest
L.A. offers Occupy protesters office space, farm to close camp
And the Tea Party (that obeyed the law) was offered what?
Occupy Wall Street has money to burn
Soon they’ll be in the 1%
MF Global Trustee Says Shortfall Could Exceed $1.2 Billion
Will the left let Corzine off the hook
‘I left you for dead’: brother admits shooting sister in ‘honour killing’ and attempting to kill other sibling
Yes, I know I risk being called an Islamophobe for pointing this out
Anti-Obama sales outpace pro-Obama nearly fourfold at popular online clothier
Sarah Palin Got Scolded by Roger Ailes for Not Announcing Her Non-Candidacy on Fox News
A door was held open for her, she walked through, and didn’t even say “Thank you”
Gingrich-Founded Think Tank Collected $55 Million in Past Decade
With all the dialogue that’s gone on here over the years, B&R could qualify as a think tank
Networks walk a tightrope over crowded debates
The Republican Debates are not a reality television series
Democrat Denial Of Impact Of Regulations On Economy Holds Back Robust U.S. Recovery
We all know who the problem is
Teachers union leader says battle’s just begun
Remind people it’s no longer all about “the children”
Lena Taylor denies fraud allegation
Let one of us try that…
‘Ethical distraction’ dogs Jackson
The card is going to be pulled soon
Report: Democrat spends $9K to attend donor’s wedding
And a nice wedding at a nice locale it was
Democrat says Democratic Party bosses use voter fraud
The liberal media may not be able to bury this much longer
Perry Says He Doesn’t Know Answers to Some Foreign Policy Issues
And that wasn’t held against Governor Clinton or Senator Obama
Gunman On Schriever AFB Taken Into Custody
Any particular reason his name is being withheld?
U.S. announces new Iran nuclear sanctions, avoids targeting central bank
Now we’re getting tough
Actual HuffPo Headline: ‘Michele Bachmann Pours Water For Men At GOP Primary Forum In Iowa’
I doubt Michele was expected to, like Clinton expecting Obama to bring his coffee
Obama Goes Country
First Lady Encourages Students at Country Music Workshop
Nude pictures boost the brain
Yeah, but there’s nuthin’ like the real thing, baby…
Romney Defends Deleting Emails, Electronic Records as Mass. Governor
Don’t get me started…
Panetta gets VIP flights at coach cost
No surprise here
Sen. McCain excited for daughter joining MSNBC
This story is at the bottom for a reason

2 Responses

  1. n.n

    My vote was stolen by progressive Democrats Donald Duck, Pedro (aka Juan, aka David), George & George, and the dearly departed.

  2. Tallyman

    Add Chelsey’s and Megan’s brain power together and you get a half wit.
    Michelle pours water for men; Jesus washes feet; and Obama kowtows to world leaders.
    Boehner’s Super Committee fails; Boehner fails.
    Obama idols for home worship available at cost with free shipping.
    Obama tells Iran not to be naughty.
    Not to worry for Romney. There’s nothing in the e-mails that shows him as other than pure RINO.
    Tibetan nun sets herself ablaze and the Dali Lama is a Marxist.


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