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New England Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis (nicknamed “The Law Firm” because of the length of his name) has rushed 479 times for 1982 yards since 2009 and not fumbled once in his NFL career.

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  1. PsychoDad

    Hey gang, excuse an off-topic post, please, but I am just so bloody outraged by this. Can we churn up a little stir going about this comic? I follow a number of comic strips on GoComics, and this today is just the end of the line for me, with one of them:




    Here;s the straight URL if the pic doesn’t show up, all I see there now is a placeholder.  But anyway. See the sort of disgusting HATE we are faced with?  Sorry again, but my blood is just boiling.

    ….your football thread will now resume.


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