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Given the nation’s fiscal state, I guess this was only a matter of time.

Eighty-five Illinois Lottery winners last week probably thought they were lucky — until they tried to cash in their winnings, that is.

Two days after Christmas, Maureen Furio of Lake Zurich bought an instant scratch-off ticket and won $1000. The next day, she got a check from the lottery. “I deposited it the same day and went ahead and paid some extra Christmas bills,” Furio says. “And Jan. 3, it bounced.”

Okay, let’s say this happened in a state where one of the Republican presidential candidates came from. Just what do you think the media would be saying…?

h/t @oddlysaid

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  1. RockThisTown

    If the Illinois lottery goes belly-up & auctions off their assets, I’m biddin’ on Linda Kohlmeyer!

  2. RightSide

    Holy Crap! A state lottery bounced winner’s checks?! Aren’t lottery funds separate from the general funds? What do the state pols think this will do to ticket sales? Imagine winning a multi-million dollar game only to have the state declare there are insufficient funds to cover the win?! I’d be screaming!

    • Tallyman

      The media and Obama know an Illinois bailout is needed.    As of Nov. 2011, Illinois has a backlog of unpaid bills totaling $3.5 billion.  The State of Illinois is bankrupt and is temporarily surviving on media and bond rating agency cover-ups.  Last year the State rose income and corporate taxes 66%.    But,  businesses moved out of Illinois to the delight of Indiana and other States.  Tax increases used to balance budgets always assume that the reported income will remain static, but that assumption is always destroyed by the dynamic tax avoidance that occurs.   The 2011 budget was only a prediction for 2011 and the tax collections expected did not materialize and a bigger deficit exists this year.       

  3. chris97391

    And she’s left paying the bank fee of a bounced check!


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