Open Thread Sunday

In yet another ongoing attempt to divert attention to the real issue, President Obama blames Republicans and the “Do-nothing Congress” for the numerous continuing resolutions needed to avert government shutdowns. The problem is the Harry Reid-Democrat-led Senate hasn’t done their job in years.

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  1. Koala

    Since the ” Don’t Believe The Mainstream Media ” signs have been showing up one might possibly use the same method to get the message out.

  2. Tallyman

    The House leadership is a bunch of mice afraid to offend the more arrogant Demo-rats. If only. Boehner could act like a man and call Reid out.   “No senate bill heard until a budget is sent from Senate.   What’s wrong, Harry; can’t do your job?  Then resign and let Little Dick or Chucky try.”  .

  3. The Machine

    I’ve tried to explain to some of ’em.

    The first ad should be educational — in some elementary way you have to first show them which party is in control of the Senate, and why that is where the buck stops. 

    Good luck on trying to herd those cats…

  4. Igor

    How can we get this message on the Lamestream Media?

    I’m sure the howls from the Progressives could be heard from the moon.  A real disturbance in The Farce…


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