The B&R Sunday Skim

College presidents pan Obama cost-control plan
Higher education is one of the few products in the United States that consistently goes up in price without noticeable improvement

Oakland police battle Occupy protesters
Occupy DC targets presidential dinner for protest
Protesters march through Super Bowl Village
An Occupy #Fail in Florida
Democrats have a real public relations mess on their hands
John McCain: Enough with the GOP debates already
One of the few things McCain’s said in years I agree with
Social Security largely missing from Florida primary debate
Not enough time to poke through years of Democrat scare tactics
Newt Gingrich’s final push in Florida centered on pinning ‘dishonest’ label to Mitt Romney
Gingrich: ‘You Cannot Debate Somebody Who Is Dishonest’
Newt should talk to Massachusetts conservatives. He’d get an earful
Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich, calls him a patriot who is not afraid of bold ideas
Every little bits helps
Court date set in case of Knox man, AZ sheriff, and Obama investigation
An Obama supporter with anger management issues
NY inmate guilty of seeking $890M in tax refunds
Not much for subtlety
Walker: Tough love is working
The left will never admit it
Simpson Says ‘Terrified’ Obama Walked Away From Deficit in State of Union
Obama’s probably more terrified about running out of others to blame
House Democrats sing to Obama: ‘Let’s Stay Together’
Al Sharpton: Obama’s karaoke moment helped economy
Just because ignorant punks who’ve never heard of Al Green bought .99 downloads, that helped the economy…?
Actor Jon Voight Endorses Romney, Says Newt Gingrich ‘Falls Short’
Mitt Romney’s Struggle to Convince Conservatives
Hollywood, GOP stars come out for Mitt Romney in Florida
U.S falls to 47th in press freedom rankings after Occupy crackdown
Reuters Acknowledges Rubio Hit Piece is a ‘Fiasco’ and a ‘Disgrace’
Grim Poll Numbers for GOP, Awful Ones for Gingrich
Why should we believe ANYTHING the liberal media tells us?
Tension on the Tarmac
Jackson to Brewer: ‘Keep your finger in your pocket’
Jan Brewer tarmac tiff touches nerve in black community, some commentators say
Marco Rubio: Obama will ‘pit Americans against other Americans’ to mask his record
Everything’s going to be racist this year
What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind?
Might it have a little something with their daily exposure to liberalism?
Glenn Beck Staff Threatened by Soros Operatives
Typical thug behavior
‘Inexcusable’ language on immigration alienating Latino voters, Republicans told
If Latino Republicans place culture over law and order, maybe they should be Democrats
Dems bash GOP secret money, raise it themselves
I don’t know how many times I can call them on their hypocrisy
Topless Ukrainian feminists arrested in the snow in Davos as they try and storm political summit
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8 Responses

  1. GoodMojo

    Tension on the Tarmac

    How much less tension might there be if a real President of the United Sates of America was actually not failing at his, or her job?

    Jan Brewer tarmac tiff touches nerve in black community, some commentators say

    I am so continuously aggravated that the wrong nerves always get touched in the “Black community”.  The Black community must self-rectify this because no one else can.

    I was actually going to comment on the linked Politico article, then thought, “Why bother?”.  The thread over there is a wasteland of Democrat slaves and overseers.  It’s toxic!

    Jackson to Brewer: ‘Keep your finger in your pocket’

    GoodMojo to Jackson:  “STFU!”

    GoodMojo to Brewer:  “Don’t take any shit from the ‘Assclown-In-Chief'”!

  2. RoseRRR

    Jackson to Brewer: ‘Keep your finger in your pocket’
    Jan Brewer tarmac tiff touches nerve in black community, some commentators say

    Everything is based on a moment in time captured in a photo.  If you look past the finger wagging, you’ll also notice that he is using his height advantage to loom over her and he also has his hand on her.

    As a physically diminutive female, I remember many professional situations where a male colleague or superior would try to “bully” their point across by taking the exact same physically intimidating stance, all the while with a sh*t-eating paternal grin. 

    If she had been a liberal female and he a conservative male, the outcry would be about his hatred and mistreatment of women and his utter lack of sensitivity.

    One of the reasons I left the democrats many years ago was the realization that they would never “finger” their own for the misbehavior they attacked in conservatives.

      • RoseRRR

        Ah, I remember it well!  I also remember in the 2008 primary run, when Obama supporters started demonizing Ms. Clinton, the liberal democrats never made a peep against him.

    • Koala

      Excellent observation, RoseRRR. He deserved that finger shakin’ !

    • n.n

      The same thing happened within the past year in Wisconsin.  A female supreme court judge attempted to impose her will upon a male counterpart and he, surprisingly, did not cede ground to her advances.  There was the predictable liberal outcry, including the standard allotment of emotional appeals (e.g. sexism); but, so far, public opinion has not been in her or their favor.  They still don’t seem to understand that a correction for past wrongs, real and perceived, cannot be realized with the establishment of another extreme.

      As for Obama, he and Holder chose to sue the state of Arizona, thereby not only failing to uphold the Constitution and betraying the people they serve, but actually and actively preventing Brewer from upholding an equal of application of the law.  Brewer should be commended for not ceding ground to this bully and his cronies.

      And yes, the conscientious man would have taken a step back and maintained a reasonable separation.  However, the insecure man or a narcissist would use his physical presence to knowingly intimidate and antagonize his opponent in order to gain leverage over the other.

  3. n.n

    Not just “law and order”, but the equal application thereof.  Americans should know well enough the dysfunction invited by a selective rule of law.

  4. Tallyman

    Teenage minds malnourished on the pablum of Progressivism in the public schools fail to develop adult independence from either mommy or their mommy-substitute, Nanny Barack.

    Occupiers enter the wrong Church and are redirected to the Church of Marx Reincarnate where they can get needed drugs and the hymnals use one or two syllable words only.

    Poor Jesse’s gang leader, the mighty Barack, is humiliated by a little White woman sticking a finger in his face.    Next, they’ll be dissing Barack and Jesse as the brainless running dogs of a White Progressive Master or a Hungarian puppeteer..

    Barack sings and the lemmings rally for the final dash.

    College Presidents hold a Royal Flush against Obama’s three sixes, (666).  Their Royal Flush: Barack’s failing grades in spades (two to ten), the Jack, Queen and King of Spades (aka dispensations affirmatively granted) and the Ace of Spades (Barack’s application as a foreign student)

    Romney found a German guide to higher office which says repeat the lie that you are Conservative often enough and everyone will believe it.


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