‘Loosers’ Of The Day

You listen to some of today’s young people and they way they speak of themselves and others gives off an air of superiority. However, while their spelling almost instantly gives them away (“loosers”), their job applications do not.

A 65% majority of business leaders say young people applying for jobs at their companies right out of college are only “somewhat” prepared for success in business, with 40% of C-suite executives saying they are “not prepared at all.” Not only that, but even those who get hired anyway may not rise very far. Almost half (47%) of C-suite executives believe that fewer than one-quarter (21%) of new grads have the skills they’ll need to advance past entry-level jobs.

Instead of Occupying, telling off cops (or anyone in authority), or dictating how the world should be, maybe these young people should just prepare themselves for a workplace that doesn’t really need them just because they’re them.

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  1. Igor

    “Maybe these same “business leaders” will take a second look at older applicants who have worked for years at their jobs and lost them.”

    Yep! I’m just under 59, and if I lose my job (for whatever reason!) I’m pretty much going to be homeless.  Entry-wage jobs if I can get ’em.  Never mind I’m extremely well-versed in the trades, I’m a has-been.  Washed up.  An old codger. Can’t hire THAT old fart, he’d want too much money.  Never mind that I’m punctual, productive almost immediately, am polite to customers, and able to take everything in stride because I’ve seen it all already – I’m toast.  Right?

    As long as companies pass over the most productive, punctual, cares-for-people people in this Country, and keep hiring just-out-of-college wet-behind-the-ears kids because they’re cheap, the situation will not improve.

    Of course, when the feces hits the rotating blades, guess who’ll still be standing (or using a walker…) after it’s all over? 🙂

    • Tallyman

      Igor, we need growth not contraction to insure demand for employees is based on the need for quality.  The government educated personnel department lemmings only follow the other lemmings.   When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.”   ~King Lear..  Nothing has changed since.

  2. GoodMojo

    Unfortunately for all of us the stats in the article, make us all ‘loosers”, and the progs want it this way.

  3. Koala

    That is grim. Maybe these same “business leaders” will take a second look at older applicants who have worked for years at their jobs and lost them. People in their late fifties and older are having a hard time getting work because of their age.

  4. Tallyman

    Their training programs and trainers, aka public schools and Progressive teachers, prepared them for more than twelve years and failed.  Capitalism like Darwinism removes failures so that assets/resources/capital can be used for other ventures to succeed.      Simple message to those graduates, You’re One of the Best of a bunch of useless loosers.   Go back and thank your teachers.

  5. n.n

    It was the same story in the 90s.  The graduates demanded instant gratification and additional luxuries without a demonstration of merit other than an education.  They seem to believe that their education was a service they performed and they should be rewarded for their effort.

    No.  To the contrary.  It was a selfish act, which may yet yield value to a family, cooperative, nation, or humanity.  The education alone does not fulfill anything other than increasing their knowledge and imparting some experience, but seldom anything noteworthy, and rarely anything productive other than for its own sake.


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