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Romney crushes Gingrich in Florida GOP primary
In Florida primary, electability is again the top concern for voters
To you boisterous Romney supporters who get in our faces about his “electability”, an Obama win will be all on you

Camp Mittens Duplicity on Allen West Worse than Conspiracy: It’s a Habit
I’ve been telling you about Romney and his thugs for years and the typical country clubbers are about to make him our nominee…
First, They Came for the Catholics
The only people safe from this administration are minorities and Muslims
Assange extradition case is heard by Supreme Court
Not exactly the actions of an innocent man
‘He sings to me all the time’: First Lady reveals Barack serenades her with Al Green, Marvin Gaye and ‘a little Stevie’
In other words, he’s not always talking down to someone
How Obama created 22 million jobs
Obama mistakenly refers to Georgia as ‘Russia’ in meeting with Georgian president
Missteps preempt Obama counter-programming effort
It’s kinda hard to be the “smartest president ever” when you’re clearly not
Man in Obama mask robs Riviera Beach McDonald’s
Mitt Romney to Receive Secret Service Protection
It’s starting…
12 Occupy Oakland protesters charged in weekend confrontation
Horror at Occupy: 15-Year-Old Suspected of Murdering Parents
And what is positive about the Occupy movement?
Black leaders criticize Va. GOP voter bills
What these “leaders” really think of blacks is insulting
Chris Matthews: ‘There’s a real level of national hatred of the president that I’ve never seen before’
Clearly, Chris Matthews has a selective memory
President Obama, First Lady and VP Biden to Net $5.3M in One-Day Haul
Obama Team Releases Names of 445 Top Campaign Financiers
Note how quickly he spends our money while raising tons for himself
House GOP seeks to bar the use of welfare funds at strip clubs
That’s gonna be called racist
Latest Congressional Budget Outlook For 2012-2022 Released, Says Real Unemployment Rate Is 10%
CBO: Taxes Will ‘Shoot Up by More Than 30 Percent’ Over Next 2 Years
Can we call this as a result of the failed policies of the last four years?
Komen cancer charity halts grants to Planned Parenthood
Trouble in paradise
State controller: California is running out of cash
So they’ll find a way to squeeze more out of the people since cutting spending is out of the question
Teacher Accused Of Racial Discrimination On Paid Leave
Obviously he shouldn’t have said it, but we’re not in the classroom with those lovely children either

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  1. ex-pat Michael

    OK, the whole Georgia/Russia thing is near to my heart as I live in the country referred to (by the smartest President ever) as Russia.  A friend of mine already sent that article to me, to which I had to laugh.  Notice that Saakashvili didn’t really bat an eye about it.  It is obvious that Saakashvili realizes much more than many Americans that conservative values/ideals make a country great.  Obama was out of his league with a man who can speak several (I’ve heard it is seven) languages fluently.

    Once deep in the post-Soviet corruption, Saakashvili got rid of the corrupt police force.  From there he continues to show how capitalism truly works.  Regarded as Europe’s least corrupt country, it really seems to get under Putin’s skin (and likely Obama’s).  I’m not saying Saakashvili is the most popular president, mostly because there are still some Communist/Socialist sympathizers that denigrate everything the president does.  We have a main road in the capital named George W. Bush Street, and they just erected a statue/monument of Ronald Reagan in the main park downtown.  I went for the unveiling, but arrived a bit too early with my kids on a cold day.  However, I got a picture of myself with the “Gipper”.


  2. GoodMojo

    I’d be willing to let the Obama’s keep the supposed billion dollar campaign fund. if they would just leave the White House behind.  It’d be money well spent.

  3. Ralph Short

    Well, I hope you naysayers are wrong about Romney as I voted for him.  It was my observation that Newt started the insulting first and it frankly turned me off.  I will say though that if Newt becomes the nominee I will vote for him.  Whatever faults he or Romney have do not compare to the fundamental marxist/socialist bent, and may I say anti religious freedom, that our current leader has along with many of his appointees.

    In that vein, Senator Rubio has introduced a bill in congress that  is specifically  targeted to restrict the government’s ability to dictate to religious hospitals, schools, etc. practices that violate their principles.  Let’s see who signs on to it from the left side of the aisle.

  4. Dave J

    If mittens had been Attacking the failed policies of the current administration with the zeal his team demonstrated against Newt, there would have been no need to attack Newt.

  5. Cameron

    ‘He sings to me all the time’: First Lady reveals Barack serenades her with Al Green, Marvin Gaye and ‘a little Stevie’

    Does he use a karaoke machine?

  6. Tallyman

    Bad Penny Romney turns up.    If elected, Romney will fail.  This RINO Compromiser will go half way with the Demorats and no way with conservatives.  His RINO compromising will fail and Repubs will be blamed when the eminent runaway inflation begins and the 30% tax increases take effect.   Read Romney’s lips like Bush 1.    Bush 2 went all the way on Kennedy’s No Child left behind.    Bush 2 embraced Schumer and appointed Schumer’s Democrat Paulson who proposed  TARP but then spent none of the funds on removing Toxic Assets.  Conservatives were blamed.

    The financial dominoes are shaking and will topple.   The Greek debt cannot be repaid and the new borrowing required to fund their daily expenses will be unaffordable.  The default of Nation-States in Europe will be followed by the default of some US States.  California is running out of money to borrow.   Illinois has billions in unpaid bills and they raised taxes 67% last year.   RINO Christie’s NJ will go bust.    The Obama 30% increase in taxes will be blamed on the RINO Romney, if elected.

    The Romney slime trail passes Allen West.


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