The B&R Saturday Skim

CPAC crowd chants `Newt, Newt, Newt’ as Gingrich invokes Reagan, slams Obama
I WILL say it’s nice to have my Saturday back…

MRC’s Brent Bozell bails on CPAC over lack of ‘prominent’ speaking slot
No comment, so don’t ask
Occupiers, unions picket CPAC gathering
Would have liked to cover this
Greek protesters clash with riot police over austerity
We are a nation that appreciates a good preview
Kim Jong-Un Dead? That’s The Rumor
Wow! That was quick
Obama’s Budget Forecasts $1.3 Trillion Deficit
Every three months, Obama demands a trillion more. He IS determined to break the bank
Forest Service: Jesus Statue Will Stay in Montana National Forest
When one gets seriously lost in the forest, who’s the one person most often called for help?
Andrew Breitbart’s Fiery CPAC Speech: I Have ‘College Days’ Obama Videos
Whose threat would you take more seriously: Nancy Pelosi’s or Andrew Breitbart’s…?
Argentina accuses UK of deploying nuclear weapons near Falkland Islands
If true, I’d say that’s kinda provocative
Anonymous knocks CIA website offline
You know what eventually happens to arrogants who assume they’ll never get caught

Pentagon calls for ‘urgent’ upgrade of massive bunker-busting bombs, as Iranian threat looms
Just drop one of these bad boys over the target

Greek prime minister warns of ‘uncontrolled chaos’ if country defaults
Well, maybe politicians should consider this when buying votes to keep their fat asses in power
Navy names ship after Gabrielle Giffords
How many times have I commented on “when bad things happen to politicians” vice when bad things happen to mere taxpayers?
CIA fears drone downed in Iran failed to dump sensitive data
How long ago did that drone crash and they’re only now saying this?
Obama: Americans — Including Catholics Will Still Be Forced to Buy Coverage for Sterilization, Contraception, Abortifacients
Obama Didn’t Cave on the HHS Mandate; He’s Making an Unprecedented Power Grab
He still doesn’t know the difference between president and king
Actor Bill Murray to CNBC: ‘I think we ought to be personally responsible’
Obama’s playlist: the music is the message
Wet spot of the day
Local man missing after his plane disappears over Utah
Dumb headline since updated
Two Sick Pups Walk Into the Hospital
Toilet training posters for Swansea University students
Where’s mom?
Secretive SEALs Moonlight as Movie Stars, With Navy’s Blessing
This administration’s humility is rubbing off on all they have contact with

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  1. Tallyman

    We have much to learn from other cultures about using or not using a toilet.    Will Queen Michelle have these posted at every school?

    Lord Obama instructs the Pope and Catholics on morality and “His Commandments.”

    CPAC Head wants to open the Bush crypt and resurrect Jeb as his leader.

    Greek Prime Minister wants controlled chaos as former delighted angels in the Greek Paradise become the bitter devils in their new Hell.

    Lord Obama spends trillions more to finance his glorious quest for his impossible dream.


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