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I’d bet there are some women who’d be horrified to know this kind of thing goes on.

In Japan, Valentine’s day is usually the female’s responsibility. White Day, on March 14th, is the man’s turn to reciprocate
On Valentine’s day, women give men chocolate gifts. This is supposed to be an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation. A hand-made chocolate is considered to be a sign that the man who receives it is the woman’s “only one.”

Just like feminists who demand equal rights but scream at the suggestion they sign up for Selective Service at 18 because they’re “girls”, women in America have got it good on Valentine’s Day and I don’t see anything changing too soon.

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  1. Grunt

    “Registry at Staples”…that’s cute. LOL!

    Mind you, I’m not the “lovey dovey” romantic type (well, not often), but Valentine’s Day has always been celebrated in a reciprocal fashion; there’s a mutual exchange, and we do something we both enjoy.

    Even the kids got Valentines from the folks…sometimes even each other, as a way to let the sibling know that they were loved (as a sibling, ‘kay? They did it when they were small.).

    The “good stuff”–little thoughtful things like a foot rub or a special meal…these happen without some calendar-fed prompt. Been together over twenty years…may be some snow on the roof, but the fire’s still bright. 😉


    Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.

  2. Mommy RN

    I’m the breadwinner in our family (currently, thanks to the lovely economy) and of the two of us, my husband is far more the romantic. I do try, however, to keep things balanced… but neither of us are chocolate and roses types…

    I get him WWE DVDs and he buys me political books and spiral bound notebooks. (I love spiral bound notebooks… and index cards. When we got married my husband tried to get Staples to open a registry for us! LOL)

    I think reciprocation is a great idea… and on a daily basis, not just a once a year blowout. I totally agree that way too many American women are all “me me me” and totally self-absorbed.

  3. Tallyman

    There are government entitlements for women and there are calendar entitlements for women.

  4. n.n

    I like the idea of reciprocation.  There is no need to move from one extreme to another more progressive extreme.  There is a happy compromise.


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