The B&R Presidents’ Day Skim

Experts: Obama ‘sandbagging’ immigration policy, easing ‘amnesty,’ gaining votes
Desperate times call for desperate measures

Israel has every right to defend itself against Iran
Because she obviously can’t count on the United States to watch her back
Obama’s Egyptian Hostage Crisis
You wouldn’t think there was one if you paid any attention to the media
Hard truth slips out in the budget dog-and-pony show
Let the spoiled get what they want and when the nation tanks, we’ll all know who to forever ignore
Domestic production eyed as gas prices head toward record-breaking height
Obama’s Gas Pains
No energy policy (green doesn’t count) and weak foreign policy will drive gas higher
Russia’s It Girl becomes high-profile campaigner against Vladimir Putin
Pissed off women are unrelenting
Insurance industry could take hit from birth control mandate
Employers who reach into our bedrooms will hit hardest
Mich. man burns N.J. flag over Houston tribute
While I agree, I would have found a different tactic
Ideological hypocrites
WashPost TV Critic Pans PBS Documentary on ‘Superhero’ Bill Clinton
Who can respect the president who made federal workplace blowjobs selectively excusable?
Most episodes ever? ‘Simpsons’ to air No. 500
How much is too much?
Millennials forced to put lives on hold
Everyone’s gone through tough times. Millennials just have shoulders to cry on
Unions return to Democratic fold for 2012 election
Hissy fits eventually get old
Woman caught fever from love rat
Yes, love is blind and dumb
Total rethink needed on dieting, scientists say
Maybe they should get it right BEFORE imposing their conclusions on the public
Bobbi Kristina Brown may have been ‘getting high’ after funeral, Whitney Houston’s family wants her to enter rehab: report
Very sad
Execution of web programmer in Iran may be imminent
In comparison, if Christianity were as intolerant as the left claims, many of them would be dead today
Rep. Allen West Delivers Epic Speech on GOP’s Proud History of Fighting For Black Equality
Which is why the liberal media will ignore it
Obama plays active role in Dem primaries
Someone forgot about his midterm stench
Anderson Cooper struggling to survive in daytime
Was Anderson ever all that?
Tourists stoned in Jerusalem: 13 held
Jihad from jail: Islamic terrorists using network website to preach hatred from behind bars
So, where does the whole “religion of peace” thing fit in?
Texan TSA crew accused of nude scanner ogling scheme
With few exceptions, government workers are overpaid and fucking worthless

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  1. Mauser

    Russia’s It Girl becomes high-profile campaigner against Vladimir Putin

    I shudder to think what the Polonium will do to her looks.

    Domestic production eyed as gas prices head toward record-breaking height

    Remember when they told us that it would take “Too long” to develop the oil in ANWR to make a difference?

  2. WDC

    Woman caught fever from love rat

    I thought this was another story about Clinton and Monica.

    TSA ogling  You mean that when I give the scanner the finger it is not showing up?

    I love how they try to make conversation after you go through the scanner, how are you doing today sir? (i.e. was it as good for you as it was for me?)”.  I always tell them I was doing great until I just got fried.

  3. PB-in-AL

    Immigration – How can confirmed illegal aliens be awarded a cash settlement? What constitutional rights? They’ve broken the law, and they’re not citizens, so how does the constitution apply to them? Aside from the fact that “sanctuary cities” are unconstitutional, and “profiling” isn’t. — I thought the Obama symbols were just a bit, uhm, off.

    Israel defense – They have every right, but by golly, they’ll get crucified if they try to exercise that right.

    Egyptian Hostage – Yeah, it doesn’t quite reinforce the accepted narrative of the “arab spring”, so … hostage, what hostage?

    Obama gas pains (heh) – “Some economists say it could push the fragile U.S. economy back into recession.” — really, ya think? And when did we get out of the recession?! My paycheck, gas, food, insurance and other indicators seem to be telling me that we’re still “recessing”!

    Ideological hypocrites“True, both parties have played games on the debt ceiling, but never to the point of undermining the federal government’s credit standing, as the Republicans did last year.” — Wait, I thought that the undermining of the credit standing had more to do with the insane amounts of debt that the Democrats have run up in the last 3 years. Sure Repubs share the blame, but lately this rests solely on the Democrat controlled House and Senate, and the pResident.

    Unions return to Democrats – Right, like they ever left. They were just throwing a little tantrum.

    Love rat – ?!?! eww. I love my dog, but we don’t french.

    Rethink dieting – Indeed, Bob! I’m so tired of the effort required to ignore this kind of thing. Here lately “scientists say” holds about as much authority and concern as “the White House had this to say…”

    Rep. West Black History Month Speech – Way to go Rep. West! That was a history lesson the likes of which EVERYONE, regardless of race needs to hear.

    Obama and Dem primaries – this ought to be interesting, especially if the far, distant left who want to replace Obama get any traction.

    Tourists stoned on Temple Mount“He said he did not know the cause of the incident.” — Really?! My guess would be, but don’t hold me to it, is the religion of perpetual outrage.

    TSA ogling“The TSA has said that it has since upgraded the software used in the scanners so that it only displays stick figures and just highlights potentially dangerous objects rather than bodily features.” — wait just a minute! Isn’t that what they said initially, that these systems would block “the naughty bits”, that these systems would not be capable of recording these images, etc., etc. Why… the lying sacks of sh….  Oh wait, it’s a government agency, the “lying sacks” is a foregone conclusion.

  4. n.n

    Whether it is abortion, contraception, or cell phones, paid through insurance, taxes, or inflation, we will pay for other people’s dreams of instant gratification.
    – – –
    Ideological hypocrites

    First, conservatives are not “anti-government”. Second, “Medicare or Social Security” are contributory entitlements. That they may be subject to waste, fraud, and abuse is a separate consideration. Third, the Constitution actually authorizes “defense” spending, and is not principally part of the market. Fourth, Obama has not rescued the auto industry. He has only their deferred judgment. As with the so-called “health care reform”, the underlying causes of the malaise were not addressed. Fifth, the financial sector bailout was perceived to hit all Americans, and the world, as everyone had a vested interest in preserving its value, especially the government. Sixth, review the consequences of redistributive change in Greece and its principal role in progressive corruption.

    Dionne is confusing cause and effect, does not distinguish between the status quo and positive progress, and fails to comprehend the dynamics of consensus. The Washington Post is clearly no longer a bastion of journalistic integrity. If they ever were.
    – – –
    There were two problems with Clinton in the context of Lewinsky et al. First, he exploited a subordinate. Second, he lied.

    The Washington Post and PBS are clearly no longer a bastion of journalistic integrity.
    – – –
    Total rethink needed on scientists, dieters say.

    The only universally advisable behavior is moderation.
    – – –
    Christians are intolerant! They claim that morons… I mean individuals who adhere to a selective “objective” faith will never enter heaven. Shame! Shame! Shame! Think of the children!
    – – –
    I will judge them by the content of their character and not by their history. Unfortunately, left-wing ideologues fail on both counts and there is no indication of their positive progress.
    – – –
    Islam is imperialistic. You are either with them…

  5. Tallyman

    Superboy Clinton praised for the accomplishments that Gingrich planned and forced on him.

    Is love of Demo-rats the cause or the result of mental decay.from rat-bite fever?

    Geithner revealed his team has no plan and that Obama’s half-wit combined with the sum total of a hundred half-witted advisers was still just a half-wit of intelligence.

    The politically and scientifically correct government financed affirmatively trained lab mice offer their latest update to what and how much to eat.

    The FUO (Fully Understood Obama) stickers have to be placed on every gas pump.

    The Millennium Generation followed their pied piper messiah to his barren wasteland.  And their messiah wants to lead them through this barren land for another forty years.   Maybe, their messiah will let their grandchildren into his promised Heaven.   Don’t forget to pay those teachers for your glorious education which enabled you to willingly follow your messiah.

  6. Koala

    Great headline photo, Bob. Is this the true embodiment of the Democrat voter?


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