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Of course Thaddeus is blaming the whole blowback from his interview with Charlotte Bergmann on everyone but him and his actions, and it’s also clear he (and some of his friends) believes death wishes are part of the public discourse…

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  1. Igor

    Sorry, TM, you got what you deserved.  Is that a picture of Obambi with a hunting rifle?  Dipweed probably doesn’t know how  to use it.  Photoshop!!

  2. Tallyman

    Thaddeus did his Progressive/Democrat servant boy minstrel dance.   But was self-dissed in the presence of an articulate Black women.   His messiah saw their enemies as clinging to guns and the bible.  So Thaddeus will cling to his gun, while he quivers in fear that another Black women will cause laughter at him.

  3. GoodMojo

    Likely, he’s beyond salvation. Him and those like him, are probably going to die as slaves on the metaphoric Democrat plantation.

    • n.n

      They believe themselves to be the new owners.  It must be something in the mushrooms they consumed.

      Down the rabbit hole…


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