Wimp Of The Day

Media Matters’ David Brock may act all bad when he has others do his dirty work, but when asked a simple question about what his organization could be doing to Fox News, he wimps out

h/t Courtesy of The Washington Times

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  1. Igor

    What did anyone expect?  When confronted, scurry for cover – that is the Liberal Way™.

  2. GoodMojo

    Slinking off like a punk bitch.  Just as I would have suspected.

  3. Tallyman

    David Brock, not a man, not even a mouse, just a stinkin’ louse.

  4. RockThisTown

    Machine is right – his head could explode any second, and I’m guessing it will when Republicans retake the Senate & White House in November. Oh, the Congressional investigations and hearings are going to be fun!

    Liberals like Brock are cowards. One set of rules for them – another for us lower-caste serfs. Try to call ’em on it, and they run away like scared little mice.

    • n.n

      Perhaps. Although, I wouldn’t underestimate the number of people who will vote for instant gratification, despite the progressive corruption which it sponsors. That does not even consider the zombies, schizophrenics, illegal, and fictional characters who will vote alongside eligible citizens.

      • gagblue

        If by ‘zombies’, nn, you mean the walking dead . . . . that doesn’t include the real dead, who are also often found to vote alongside eligible citizens – most often for ‘progressive’ causes.

  5. The Machine

    You guys be careful, you are dealing with a psycho. 


    • n.n

      I believe he has already acknowledged his fear of life. Presumably, this is why “progressives” and similar support out-of-sight and out-of-mind policies in order to separate their world from the little people and their unpredictable nature.  They don’t trust us.


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