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As usual, some of Occupy DC talk a good game (in this case, wanting to know where the black “tokens” were) to the conservatives sharing Freedom Plaza, but when a black conservative came to talk, they suddenly had no issue with the concept. Considering whether the “conversation” is worth prepping and posting.

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  1. Fuzzlenutter

    Ooops, my mistake.  My most sincere apologies, Bob…


    “Open mouth, insert foot”

  2. Fuzzlenutter

    That sign should really read “Fat Nasty Ignorant Greedy Liberal Woman”….

  3. Igor

    Ship it, Bob!!  (Post it)  

    BHD has the right of it… pun intended.

  4. BHD

    So far everyone who has talked to Occupy and posted the video it has been awesome to watch. Knowing you,  yours is going to be the awesome…

  5. GoodMojo

    One Black Conservative shows up, and immediately they are in over their heads.  They look like they know it.

    Louie, for such a law to alter this chucklehead’s behavior, he would have to respect either the flag and the attendant protocols, or the law.  He likely respects neither.  Just as likely, he’s ignorant of them too!

  6. RockThisTown

    Bob, your portion of the “conversation” is worth posting. Theirs? Well, I’m always up for a good laugh.

  7. louielouie

    considering whom they would be dealing with, they may want to get a couple dozen more for their side.  maybe make it even.

    myself not being a student of the finer points of observation, it appears to me that your posture says, iain’tgonnatakenoshitfromnoone.

    isn’t it illegal to use a flag in that manner?


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