The B&R Thursday Skim

Arizona GOP Debate: Santorum Slips, Newt Rallies, Romney Benefits
FINALLY the debates are over!

Gingrich campaign warned 2nd time for financial dealings
Callista doesn’t appear to be the only high maintenance entity within
Romney calls Arizona immigration law a model for the nation
Enforcing federal law “a model for the nation”…. Way to piggyback, Mitt
Russia: Israeli strike on Iran would be ‘catastrophic’
Navy’s new super-sub revealed
Sending a message
Greek unions promise popular revolt over bailout
They didn’t directly get their cut
GOP debate: Gingrich blasts L.A. teachers union
The truth can be a “blast”
Abortion investigation: doctors filmed agreeing illegal abortions ‘no questions asked’
What if couples found out a baby would be gay? Wanna see how quickly gay activists become pro-life?
Note to Obama: Unemployment is up
And the liberal media…
Obama Adviser Argued: Kids from Big Families Have Lower IQs
Sick of these elitist snobs yet?
Fannie, Freddie legal fees: $110 million and counting
Scum-sucking lawyers
Amtrak: ‘Fraud, waste, and abuse are long-standing problems’
Politicians shouldn’t get a penny more until they stop wasting our confiscated money
Catholic university sues to block Obama’s contraception mandate
Go for it
Rand Paul says ‘it would be an honor to be considered’ as Romney’s veep (this explains a lot)
Riding daddy’s coattails again
Animal Rights Activists Charged in Murder Fur Hire Plot
Potentially deadly liberal intolerance
Pelosi blames Wall Street for gas-price spike
The Democrat leadership: always blaming someone else
Jackson Lee to face challenge from rapper Cornbreadd in November
Two jokes don’t make it funny
Obama: ‘Michelle and I Honor Ash Wednesday’
Look at ME! Look at ME!
Judge strikes down law mandating sale of contraception
Conscience wins out
Feds sue anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan over back taxes
What is it about liberals who demand higher taxes of some yet refuse to pay their own (that was a rhetorical…)

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  1. RoseRRR

    Jackson Lee to face challenge from rapper Cornbreadd in November
    Two jokes don’t make it funny 

    In the above article, Mr. Duhon posts several comments, and refers to himself as a “REALTOR”, in all capital letters.  His website seems fairly innocuous: .

    Remember that the 18th District in Texas is one of those “oddly shaped” districts:

    Duhon notes on his website that the Hispanic population has grown to 42% in District 18, while the African American population is now at 38% in that district.

    Does anyone know what the current status of the redistricting maps is in Texas, and is District 18 going to be redrawn?

  2. RightSide

    Obama Adviser Argued: Kids from Big Families Have Lower IQs
    Sick of these elitist snobs yet?

    A pal of mine grew up in a large family, being the 4th child out of 9. He owned 20 companies at the same time and the largest had 250 employees, to whom he sold the company. He wrote a book about his parents who were both paramedics in MASH units during WWII. And all his brothers and sisters are “smart”, successful people as well.

    Now while this may be anecdotal, I’ve known people from large families who are smart, successful and thoroughly engaging. I have to believe it’s the household the parents provide that sets the standards for achievement. I sincerely doubt that there’s any genetic evidence to prove children from large families have lower IQ’s. That’s just bull crap. Progressives simply want to limit the number of children per family and that’s way, way beyond bull crap.

    • Igor

      Catastrophic, yes, but to the Iranian nuke facilities, not to Iran’s people (who have a real hatred of the Mad Mullahs…)

  3. Tallyman

    Note to Greek Unions: your government lackey politicians are getting another loan of 13 billion euros to finance the fodder for your members.

    Ron Paul, demagogue without principles, lusts after the VP slot for his son.   Romney is the embodiment of Ron Paul’s empty void of conservative principles.     Ron Paul arranges for large earmarks for his district in all the lead-up voting.   Then, when passage of the earmarks is assured, Ron Paul votes against the package that he spent most of year obtaining.

    Memo to Pelosi from Pogo. “you met the enemy causing high gas prices and it is you.”

    Michelle and Barackas wear ashes and then decree that more sackcloth be given to the rising number of unemployed.

    OMG, the government runs AMTRAK and there’s fraud, waste, and abuse.

    PETA kills to show its love.

    The Jackson Lee campaign slogan: “Better the raving hag you know, than a man.”


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