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Nice enough decoy. Okay, go below the fold (as it were) for this NSFW pic….

Large Naked Woman Stomps On Car In Noe Valley
It’s not clear what set her off, but when a woman puts her mind to something…

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  1. crosshugger

    ha…I though you were going to do a story on the pondscum scam that obama is touting…….

  2. Mauser

    She’s not naked!  She’s wearing sneakers!

    And don’t you know?  Feminists have demanded that we re-jigger our standards of beauty so that fit and trim is bad, and “Big Beautiful Women” are in, reality Beautiful instead of appalling.

  3. RockThisTown

    It’s a good thing the man is in a Volvo. Otherwise, he would’ve been crushed!

    Hmmm. . . . I thought Roseanne was in Hawaii now.

    • Igor

      No, as I stated earlier, that is a rabid Land Whale.  Not to be confused with a Great White Whale.

      Only in SanFran……….. thank goodness!!!

  4. The Machine

    Wait a minnit, lemmie make a phone call, see where mah ex is these days…


  5. Igor

    Kinda reminds me (in a weird and borderline way) of the Far Side cartoon where the people in a car are driving through a game/big cat preserve (windows rolled up) and the passenger is screaming, “Drive, Harold, Drive!  This one has a coathanger!!  (The big cat on the roof was trying to open the door. with a coat hanger…)

    Me?  I would’ve gunned it in reverse if there was room, otherwise forward.  Then would’ve claimed that I thought I was being attacked by a rabid Land Whale in the insurance report or the Police Incident report…

    My mind is a vast wasteland of disconnect reminiscences.

    • eNeecie

      I think they put Large in the headline so that guys wouldn’t get their hopes up.

    • OldnyFirefighter

      If that naked woman was Nan Polousy it would be a barf bag moment. Time to abandon the car & head for the nearest eye wash station. That woman freaks me out. She has bug eyes like a Praying Mantis & a similar attitude of devouring those she disagrees with. As a Firefighter for almost 50 years she is a First Response Disaster in the making that would make me take the long way around rather than the shortest distance to assist. Hopefully somebody would beat me to the disaster & my breakfast would be saved.

  6. gagblue

    T-man your story reminds me of when I once took a friend to a favorite vacation spot. The next morning, we went to a local donut shop for breakfast, and my friend ordered the biggest pastry they had (I believe it was a bearclaw) and the woman standing behind us let out a highly-audible sigh, because it was the last one – she was devastated my friend got her prize. She was also of similar size and stature to the woman in the photo, and fully clad. . . thankfully.

  7. Tallyman

    It reminds me of waiting in line to get a free Dunkin’ Donut and coffee in the NY State Legislature building; when a large woman of identical size and hair to the one pictured above pushed in front of me. She took one Boston Creme donut and stuffed it whole in her mouth and and then took two more donuts and a coffee.   Luckily, she wasn’t nude and there was one double chocolate left for me.  Someone watching told me that it was Marcia Pappas of NY NOW.     See Marcia Pappas pictured at NOW website.    Maybe, she just needed three donuts in Noe Valley.  Find the fault, dear woman, in the mirror or with the donuts, not with men.

  8. IT Nerd

    The first pic brought me to my happy place. 🙂

    The second one, not so much.  🙁


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