The B&R Tuesday Skim

Israelis reportedly don’t plan to notify US if decision made to strike Iran
Can you honestly say the Obama administration wouldn’t tip off the world?

Democratic mischief in Michigan
Do they want a Romney they believe Obama can beat or will they take him out?
DOJ denies knowledge of bribed prosecutors in Virgin Islands corruption case
This bunch seems to know very little
Madoff-invested charities contributed $365k to Media Matters
While the media would NEVER make the connection, I’ve always said Bernie Madoff was the liberal Jack Abramoff
Secret memo suggests White House ignored SOS from Iranian opposition
How can anyone trust us again?
Report: Internet radicalizes U.S. Muslims quickly
It took a “report” to tell us this
Settlers employ mannequins as protection from carjacking
Thanks to the media for the tip
Media Matters boss paid former partner $850G ‘blackmail’ settlement
Time for an audit
Danica crashes on Lap 2; JJ knocked out
She may be hot but as a race car driver, she really sucks
White House blames Bush for Afghanistan turmoil
Occupy London: police and bailiffs move in to evict St Paul’s protesters
Where ya been?
Obama to cut healthcare benefits for active duty and retired US military
It’s not like we didn’t know where liberal priorities lie
Former Jackson Lee Staffer Owes Back Taxes
White House gives blessing to partial Keystone XL construction
Boehner: Obama ‘Can’t Have it Both Ways’ on Keystone Pipeline
Spin environmentalists aren’t buying
Gingrich to Afghanistan: ‘Live Your Own Miserable Life’
The burning rage: Karzai pleads for calm as Koran fury spreads
How does one lead the criminally insane?
Muslims and Arab Americans in Michigan aren’t getting attention from Republican presidential candidates
Maybe they should riot
Actor Compares Pro-Navy SEAL Movie ‘Act of Valor’ to Hitler Propaganda Film
And we should really care what a Dax Shepard says
Blurred Line Between Espionage and Truth
Remember when national security leaks against Bush to the media weren’t that big a deal?
Facebook message, apparently from suspected Ohio high school shooter: ‘Die, all of you’
Pictured: Moment ‘bullied and outcast student was arrested after going on shooting spree that left one dead and four injured’
Bullying has always been cruel but our generation never thought to take it to that next level
Mike Huckabee Says He Didn’t Run For President Because Of The ‘Toxic Atmosphere’ In GOP
I don’t blame him, then again only phonies need to be worried
Is this still America?
I asked that yesterday
Obama Sale of First Family Photo Tests Campaign Rules
Anything to make a buck
Homecoming Photo of Gay Marine Kissing Boyfriend Goes Viral
Lots of shit goes viral on the Internet nowadays
The black contribution to anti-black racism
Russia is now discovering what Chris rock noted years ago: “Everything white people don’t like about black people, black people don’t like about black people. It’s like our own personal civil war. On one side, there’s black people. On the other, you’ve got niggers. The niggers have got to go. I love black people but I hate niggers. I am tired of niggers. Tired, tired, tired.”
Can you really afford four more years?
Despite all the polls intent on making news, this will be the personal decision made in the privacy of a voting booth
Republican governors: Obama is all talk, no action
Just words
Analysts warn Americans to buy guns and gold, predicting market crash and street riots within a year
Hmmm… before or after the election?
Officers hurt in Occupy clash in Calif. Capitol
Live ammo is always a deterrent
UN agency seeks to quell fears over its plans for the Internet
UN Ready to Adopt Report Praising Gaddafi Human Rights Record
Fuck the UN
They Turn Left While in College
And dumber

6 Responses

    • Igor

      Sorry, as I have stated before, I consider lead, steel, and brass to be more precious.

      Food is at the top, however.

  1. Tallyman

    Non-profit Media Matters money used to pay personal blackmail would be a crime, except Eric Holder is AG.

    Bribed prosecutors known to DOJ or Holder would make those knowing and not acting criminals under 18 USC §3 – Accessory after the fact.

    Correction: Obama is all talk and no all malicious action.

    Thank God that the Progressives have taught non-violence and Progressive love in our schools and have changed the nature and results of bullying.  Let’s all hold hands and sing.

    The messiah has transformed himself into the two faced god Janus with the latest pipeline decision.

    Obama has discovered the secret Bush order to burn the Koran.

    Are there stickers of the Obama family available for posting as thank yous on gas pumps?


    • Igor

      Ask any college student, they think he’s da bomb.

      …and we know just how smart college students are!



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