The B&R Thursday Skim

Davy Jones

First Lady frowns through state dinner as President thanks Iraq War veterans and their families
A Republican victory this fall means no more of this routine
Gas prices to cost Obama
President Blameless
Mad About High Gas Prices? Then Chu On This
Lots of Bush-less blame to go around
Blame ‘moderates,’ not ‘wingers,’ for dysfunction
Moderates (and the liberal media who sucker them) have always been the problem
Obama’s Most Dangerous GOP Opponent: Netanyahu
Benjamin could care less what Mika Brzezinski thinks of him
Democrats Continue to Point Fingers
In 2009, Obama said “Elections have consequences”. In 2010, he was proven right
Poll Shows Brown Leading Warren by 10
Liz may want to take back her brag about starting Occupy. No one likes the stinky
Bristol Palin Back in the Spotlight for Lifetime Reality Series
Please take your baby and go away
GenOn to shut 7 U.S. Mid-Atlantic coal power plants
Crank up those windmills!
‘African-Americans for Obama’ Revived; Media Double Standard Obvious
This fall will be one big double standard
Harry Reid to ‘promote’ anti-Fox News Media Matters book
At least he’s getting something done
Anti-Bullying Teachers Unions Get Pushy for Better Pay and Benefits
Despite their hype, it’s always about them first; not the children
N. Korea nuke concessions raise doubt
Getting a firsthand assessment on how much of a sucker the Obama administration is
Lawmaker’s son target of federal search
Have you noticed the few blacks who prosper in the hood are the elected and their families…?
Pentagon pulls the plug on airborne missile defense system
Sometimes I feel like we’re being set up
Arctic Ocean drilling: Shell launches preemptive legal strike
Tired of being played by children
54% in Wisconsin Oppose Recall of GOP Governor Walker
That number should be higher but people who work aren’t always available to be polled
Fighting breaks out in Barcelona as students protest over education cuts
Gimme, gimme, gimme
Despite Mitt wins, both sides keep eying Jeb
Sorry, but besides the left who’d love to run against “Bush”, who really wants Jeb? C’mon…
Soccer For Jihadists, Higher Premiums For Troops
It almost always looks like Obama prefers Muslims
James O’Keefe files libel lawsuit against Keith Olbermann, David Shuster, Al Gore’s Current TV
Why stop there…?
Federal judge blocks Arizona’s day laborer restrictions
Illegals blocking traffic is legal
Sharia in U.S.? Florida’s proposed ban draws attacks from Muslims
Their intentions are being exposed
Defense Sec. Panetta unaware of $750,000 Gitmo soccer field
Anyone paying attention online knew about this but the Secretary of Defense says he didn’t. If we’re to take him at his word, that’s scary

7 Responses

  1. The Machine

    Pentagon pulls the plug on airborne missile defense system
    Sometimes I feel like we’re being set up

    Feelings, nothing more than feelings…

    The working Free Electron Laser project is the reason for this.  That technology offers much smaller — and easier — replacement of the old Chemical Lasers that are huge, traversing the entire length of large jet aircraft, with something that should fit into the nosecone of much smaller aircraft, offers faster repeat firing, just plain better technology. 

    And you can darn sure betcha that things learned from the original project, such as targeting, multiple targeting, etc. will transfer over to any new project that incorporates Free Electron Laser technology. 

    Still, canceling of large projects is always difficult, there is the human element of all those displaced from the viable workforce to consider. 

    Aerospace Engineers have already been spotted in the role of welcoming folks to Walmart…


    • n.n

      Cool! We should maintain a strategic advantage, but revert to a defensive posture. Our military has demonstrated time and again that it is capable of projecting force on demand and mobilizing to anywhere in the world on short notice.

    • RightSide

      Only two plants will be closed before the 2012 election; so, the impact won’t be great. But he’s doing just what he said he’d do: kill the coal industry. The Great Destroyer strikes a blow for higher electric bills!

      • The Machine

        These plants are to be replaced with Natural Gas technology. 

        Very likely that some of the existing coal-fired plants that aren’t too old will get retrofitted to burn the abundant (and cleaner) Natural Gas. 

        I’m guessing it will take the enviroweenies about ten seconds to switch over from declaiming use of coal to screamin’ bloody murder about burnin’ Natural Gas…


      • RightSide

        You can probably set your watch by it.

  2. Tallyman

    Obama/Cankles, gullible or treasonous?  Give N.Korea food and they promise to be good?

    Leave Jeb in the BUSH crypt at the RINO graveyard.

    Bristol’s greatest accomplishment was getting pregnant.

    Attention Central Casting:  The ultimate wicked evil witch with innate evil facial expressions will be available in 2013.  Contact Michelle at 1600 Penn. Ave.  Also, perfect for bitter angry nagging hag roles, such as “my husband left me for an older fatter woman.” . Photo enclosed.

    RINO Brown stomping on granny Warren.

    Lord Obama and Nag Michelle are raising gas prices to wean you off gasoline and improve your health for the back-breaking primitive farming work you need do in their promised Heaven without fossil fuel.

    O’Keefe can extract a ton of damaging disclosures and links in the discovery process without a trial to destroy the whole vipers nest.




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