Work-Related Of The Day

  • Said in a whiny Valley-girl voice:

    “Being President is HARD!”

    -Stephen Green.

  • Tallyman

    Don’t whine, Marxist boy, or let your media minions whine for you..   If you can’t handle the job, let a real man, like Herman Cain, do it.

  • IT Nerd

    Hell, how many corporate CEO’s would last beyond a year if losses were not stopped and profits didn’t rise?  The share holders would be livid and would demand and immediate replacement.

    • Igor

      Not if the CEOs were borrowing OPM and paying the shareholders.  Which exactly sums up the Food Stamp CEO of this country…

  • GoodMojo

    O didn’t inherit a damn thing!  He campaigned for the job!  Thirty-seven months in, he still cannot demonstrate his fitness for the position.

    Anyone but Obama, 2012!

  • Uncle Rick

    It will be interesting to see what the next occupant of the WH says. He will inherit an economy and foreign policy condition that is far, far worse than what O did.

    • Igor

      Ther may not be anything left to inherit if the slimebag gets four more years!  Pray that the next POTUS is just around the corner.  Pray hard.

  • Cindy

    The man occupying the white house, has no idea what responsbility is. If he wasn’t man enough to handle the job, then why did he apply???

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