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NFL says Saints created ‘bounty’ program from 2009-2011
To all you New England-haters out there who won’t let go of Spygate, at least the Patriots weren’t deliberately trying to injure opposing players for money

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  1. jmzwelch

    So according to this the Saints should have been the most penalized defense in the league. I mean that’s what the referees are there for right. The pussification continues. A team that plays a violent physical game is being investigated because there are saying or being paid for what is in every single defensive players mind. “I have to hit this guy so hard something happens that will help us win” that something may be stopping him in his tracks, making him miss or drop the ball. Injuries happen when these two forces meet.

    This whole story is going to be a huge exaggeration and as we are already seeing, this is a common occurrence in the NFL.

  2. Tallyman

    What evil lurks in the hearts of players, coaches and management?   What should be rewarded and should it be known? What price in integrity should be paid to win or seek vengeance against your adversaries? Is integrity or is winning the only valued goal?  Different men answer this differently. The battle is to the strong; the prepared; the clever; the always suspicious; and those ready to return evil with retribution.  Consider the epitaph of the Roman General Sulla,  “No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full”

  3. IT Nerd

    I wish someone would investigate cheap shot artist James Harrison


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