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A New Low… Vile Far Left Racist Mocks Andrew Breitbart’s Wife
Where’s the liberal “war on women”, racial sensitivity police on this one?

  • The Machine

    Let them continue. 

    Soon, all the world will see and know them for what they truly are. 

    And it is not going to be pretty at all then.


  • This just reminded me of another bowl full of leftist woman-hate, with a racism cream topping.  Remember when Sandra Bernhard invited Palin to come up to NYC so that she could get some black guys she knew to gang rape her?

  • GoodMojo

    This tweet is probably not illegal, but certainly worthy of an ass kicking.  My hope is that this POS gets one for this.

  • Always keep in mind that most “liberals” are liars (technically, they’re intellectually dishonest, which is worse than mere lying), for they sing and dance as their leftist puppet-masters command.

  • Tallyman

    Written by a true believer in the two-faced messiah whose one face condemns un-civil speech and demands decency, while the other face smiles upon the most vile.

  • aelfheld

    Left/Liberal/Progressive accusations of Republican/Conservative incivility are what psychologists refer to as ‘projection bias‘.

  • MissJean

    Twofer: implying that a woman is a slut AND that there’s something automatically whorish about white women who have sex with black men.

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