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A New Low… Vile Far Left Racist Mocks Andrew Breitbart’s Wife
Where’s the liberal “war on women”, racial sensitivity police on this one?

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  1. The Machine

    Let them continue. 

    Soon, all the world will see and know them for what they truly are. 

    And it is not going to be pretty at all then.


  2. Mauser

    This just reminded me of another bowl full of leftist woman-hate, with a racism cream topping.  Remember when Sandra Bernhard invited Palin to come up to NYC so that she could get some black guys she knew to gang rape her?

  3. GoodMojo

    This tweet is probably not illegal, but certainly worthy of an ass kicking.  My hope is that this POS gets one for this.

  4. Ilion

    Always keep in mind that most “liberals” are liars (technically, they’re intellectually dishonest, which is worse than mere lying), for they sing and dance as their leftist puppet-masters command.

  5. Tallyman

    Written by a true believer in the two-faced messiah whose one face condemns un-civil speech and demands decency, while the other face smiles upon the most vile.

  6. aelfheld

    Left/Liberal/Progressive accusations of Republican/Conservative incivility are what psychologists refer to as ‘projection bias‘.

  7. MissJean

    Twofer: implying that a woman is a slut AND that there’s something automatically whorish about white women who have sex with black men.


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