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Is “The Fighting Sioux” offensive? NCAA says yes, Sioux tribe says no
Meddling PC liberals finally being told to fuck off

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  1. Lazarus Long

    Syracuse U. had a great Indian statue in front of the library.  At some point after I left there the wave of PC-ness broke over the campus and I understand the the Saltine Warrior is now located in some campus backwater.

    When they call for $$ I remind them of that.

  2. n.n

    The Sioux nation was defeated by a superior force. It is a testament to their strength that their successors honor its memory, especially in mainstream society and in a very public and laudatory way — think Apache, America’s most powerful and advanced attack helicopter.

    • Igor

      And also Kiowa, the light attack/scout helicopter.   I don’t think either tribe minds the names… although I don’t speak for them (my wife is Blackfoot).

      • n.n

        There is evidence that at least some members of those tribes appreciate that their heritage is honored.  For example: Navajo, Apache, and Sioux, to name three.

  3. PB-in-AL

    I was discussing this with my wife this morning. I have some suggestions to accommodate the NCAA’s whining.

    Option one: Change the nick name to “The Fighting Sue” with a picture of a bull-dyke with boxing gloves

    Option two: Change the nick name to “Sue The Fighting” with a picture of a lawyer

    To consider that this has been in, around, and through both the courts and the houses of legislation, God only knows how much money has been wasted over this.

    It’s obvious the ND populace and the Sioux want to keep it. The People have voted and voiced their choice. UND should tell the NCAA to stick it. If they get to the championships, yet are excluded by the NCAA, so be it. Stick to your guns UND and ND people.

    The NCAA has WAAAYYY overstepped what it ought to be. I think all the universities of the NCAA need to create a new association and tell the NCAA to pound sand. The NCAA was to work on behalf of its members, not dictate to them. Gee this sounds awfully familiar…. unions anyone?

  4. aelfheld

    Maybe if they changed it to The Arbitrating Sioux . . .

  5. tv2112

    On a side note. Please send some prayers of healing to my friend Neil. and to his wife and family. He was in a terrible accident yesterday morning and has been unconscious in the ICU since then. It is so sad to see a friend laying helpless and broken. He should be going into surgery to relieve pressure on his brain this morning. Thank you all.


    • Koala

      Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

      Mark 11:24

      O Holy Spirit, be with Neil and his family as he recovers in the hospital. Guide the hands of the physicians and nurses that are caring for him. Bring comfort to his family and friends..We agree that Neil is restored to wholeness, and it is so. All negative influences are neutralized.


      • tv2112

        Thank you all. After the amount of prayers pouring in from friend, family, and even strangers I do beleive he will recover. I know it won’t happen immediately, but it will happen.

        2 Corinthians 7:16 I rejoice therefore that I have confidence in you in all things.

        This one has helped me alot with my personal issues lately. I repeat it a couple times and stress vanishes. Then I just go along for the ride and it all seems to work out.


        Thank you all again.

  6. Koala

    Maybe it would help if the NCAA got a visit from some Sioux tribal leaders.

  7. Tallyman

    Note from your betters:  We’ve labelled you a victim and, as such, you are not capable of thinking for yourself.

  8. The Machine

    They’ll save the Sioux, despite what the Sioux themselves have to say about it. 

    Just like they do for blacks, women, etc. 


    • Igor

      Yes, and in this case they will literally keep them on the Reservation!

  9. tv2112

    I had just bought my Sioux jersey last week and wear it proudly at the local hockey games. I still don’t seeing the problem. I mean maybe if they were the Crying Sioux or the Surrendering Sioux then maybe a name change would be in order. But Fighting Sioux? Gimmie a break.

  10. Igor

    “It’s for your own good…”

    Bugger off, you Liberal twats.


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