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President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources
Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness
Remember all those conspiracy theorists who thought Obama would find a reason (and means) to suspend this fall’s election? Well, he isn’t polling all that well right now…

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  1. PB-in-AL

    It’s only paranoia if they aren’t really out to get you… Otherwise it’s preparation.

  2. Igor

    No, breadbasket, not only are you not way off, you are probably nowhere NEAR paranoid enough.

    I for one will not submit.  There are literally thousands of us ex-military that take our oath seriously against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE AND THE BALLOON GOES UP, IT’S GOING TO GET UGLY!!

    Are you prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually?

    Yes, we ARE going to have elections on Nov. 6th.

  3. breadbasket

    Scary stuff. I wonder why the media is so silent about such a significant declaration..Hmmmmm….

    I do believe Bob’s premise that he is getting desperate. If he though election was inevitable, he could wait and slide this in during the 2nd term. Also, Obama has expanded that powers that he railed against when Bush was in office.

    We are seeing the real Obama now.

    All of his radical associations show that where there is smoke, there is fire. We were all correct in our assumption. I realize I could be way off on this and it could be just a coincidence, but with Obama, nothing seems to be random.


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