Did The Obama Endorsement Topple Oprah’s Empire?

She was the most powerful woman in entertainment… until she chose sides

  • Yes (91%, 341 Votes)
  • No (9%, 34 Votes)

Total Voters: 375

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  1. kmacginn

    For me personally, I got sick of …

    1) her “religion” (read ‘New Age mumbo-jumbo’);
    2) her politics
    3) her playing psychologist (“I’m not a psychologist, but I’ve been to one, so I know”);
    4) her continuous fixation on weight (women don’t need that crap any more than we’re already bombarded with);
    5) sexual topics right at the time kids were coming home from school;
    6) women’s drama and more women’s drama (“it’s all men’s fault”) … yawn!

  2. gagblue

    Nota bene Oprah’s shirt message: ‘Hope Won’
    Hope may have won, Oprah, but we the people lost.

    “Oprah’s a liberal buffoon that made most of her money from advertising to conservative housewives that could afford to stay home and buy the stuff pitched on the show.”
    Yes, MEm, she fooled conservative housewives. Once she revealed her true liberal colors, however, their eyes were opened. Oprah fed them, now she’s starving them, and they turned on her. Same thing happened in ‘The Blob.’

  3. Igor

    Thanks for the feedback, tallyman, I never knew!!  Wow.  It’s all clear now.

    Amazing what you can learn on B&R.

  4. Tallyman

    Her fans knew her choice was race based and all their fantasies about communing with Oprah without regard to her skin color vanished.

    To Igor, Colin Powell is a product of the Bronx NY Co-op City built on the former site of Freedomland Theme Park where I took many dates.    Every resident of those type Mitchel-Lama Co-ops believed in government created housing.   Most of the roads in that area of the Bronx were not paved all the way into the1960’s, because the area voted 90+% Democrat and no need for any payback when the suckers would never vote against you.  The main entrances to those buildings followed Stalin’s dictates (NYC socialists believed in Stalin and his dictates) that there be no ornamentation or decoration and plain doors and controlled window treatments.   Colin could be taken out of the Bronx Stalinist Housing, but the Bronx’s Stalinism could not be taken out of Colin.   As a true believer he moved up in the hierarchy as a traitor within.  He predictably turned on Bush and then on McCain.  It’s not that Obama is Black; it’s that Obama is the choice of a Bronx Stalinist.

  5. RockThisTown

    Elvis has the best quote about political views. When asked, he would say, ‘I’m just an entertainer, and I’d prefer to keep my political views to myself.’ As do most people who possess a brain, Elvis was somewhat liberal when he was young, but became conservative as he matured.

    I will never understand why entertainers feel they must inflict their political views upon us by including them in their songs & movies. With apologies to Laura Ingraham, just shut up & sing!

  6. louielouie

    who gives a shit.  oh wait.  that was a question.

  7. Chris

    Oprah’s current status is like a “Sally Field Moment” when Sally proclaimed to the audience while collecting her oscar “You really love me”.

    Celebs believe that their fan love is unconditional and they can dump all over them and still get the love.

  8. n.n

    I’m not sure if it was the endorsement, as much as they realized they would pay for the “free” stuff he promised, instead of a corporate sponsor. Not only is redistributive change not free (or free-free), but it does not stop in America.

  9. Iron Mike

    Picking up that gawdawful snapping snarling left-wing lesbian Rosie didn’t help much either….
    Oprah would have done better with a mud-wrestling show,…or a gun show.

    • Igor

      I would tend to agree, Iron Mike.  As MEmanuel pointed out, most of her fan base is (was) conservative, and not particularly enamored of the Gay lifestyle.  Hence, viewership fell off steadily when Oprah put her foot in her mouth endorsing Obambi and it went downhill from there.

      When Colin Powell endorsed Obambi, he lost all credibility with me – I thought he was smarter than that.  Guess I made a mistake thinking that perhaps he wouldn’t choose based on skin color.  I was wrong.  So is he, apparently.

      Man, are these elections gonna get interesting!

    • aelfheld

      Well, she dropped Rosie.

      Maybe she’ll drop Hawaii BO next.

  10. MEmanuel

    Oprah’s a liberal buffoon that made most of her money from advertising to conservative housewives that could  afford to stay home and buy the stuff pitched on the show.  Like all liberals that make money off conservatives, they are shocked when the well of support dries up once their true political colors are shown.  See: Hollywood.

  11. Adrian

    No question. She alienated over half of her fanbase with one statement and never got them back. She made her bed. No tears dropped whatsoever….even if we do share a birthday (Jan. 29th)

  12. Igor

    …or, at least, I’d like to think so.

    Likewise, I’m not too thrilled with Christie’s endorsement of Mittens Romneycare.


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