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MRCTV’s Alicia Powe and Katie Yoder confront DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) about her claim that Republicans want to ‘literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws’ by enforcing voter id laws. Schultz denies ever making a Jim Crow reference.

This is going to be a fun fall…

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  1. eNeecie

    Once again you have a Democrat acting as if they are living in the 19th century. Has anyone explained to Ms. Wasserman that those shiny things pointed at her when she was being interviewed are called cameras and that they send moving pictures to thousands of people and those pictures are then saved forever. It amazes me how often deny they said things that were said on TV or to an audience of thousands of people. I guess it’s hard to keep up with all the lies and BS that comes out of their mouths.

    • RockThisTown

      Ditoo, eN. My thoughts exactly. She must think we’re still living in the days of horses & buggies, stagecoaches, the Pony Express, telegrams, paper & stamped envelope mail and printed newspapers. Hence, she believes her actions, words & votes in Washington will never get back to her constituents. She’s no doubt, among other things, a Luddite!

      Hey Ditzy Debbie! We have the technology to record your image & words, AND to play it back whenever we want . . . . . but because we already know what an idiotic liar you are, we don’t need reminding – we just like playing it back for fun and amusement!

  2. RockThisTown

    You guys have nailed Schultz already (not insane, just evil; classic psychotic symptom; river in Egypt; criminally insane; et al) so I won’t belabor the point, but to simply say this cretin is wacko, wacky & wacked-out.

    Tman: “She believes the end justifies the means.”
    Nope. The means are irrelevant and do not have to be justified. The means include lying, cheating, stealing, confusing, obfuscating AND telling the truth, the latter being the rarest of means they use, but they are ALL irrelevant to progressives. Achieving their end is the solitary goal and whatever means suits them best to get there is what they will use, justification notwithstanding.

  3. Tallyman

    She lives in her own reality.  She believes the end justifies the means.   In her mind she wasn’t lying, she was presenting a logical argument and using “facts” to support it.  Insane in Criminal law: a decree of mental malfunctioning sufficient to prevent the accused from knowing right from wrong, as to the act she is charged, or render her unaware of the nature of the act when committing it.. .

    • Igor

      Oh no, Tallyman, Washerwoman-Schlitz knows exactly what she’s doing.  Insane she’s not. Evil, she is.

      (Yoda, I’m not…)

  4. Koala

    I cannot believe Wasserman-Schultz and the democrats think that the poor, the disabled, the elderly and the immigrants are too stupid to get a photo  ID!! Then she lies about what she said.

    I do wonder if anyone incapable of obtaining a photo ID may not be intelligent enough to vote.

      • Igor

        I’m all for a literacy test, because if you can’t read then how the he** do you know what/whom you’re voting for!?!

      • n.n

        It’s actually a condemnation of the public education system (and parents) that at the age of 18 there remains a concern for an American citizen failing a literacy test.  I can reasonably excuse the ignorance of immature human beings, the children; but, the abdication of responsibility by others who purport a certain maturity and familiarity with the world is inexcusable.

        Think of the children… or something.

        So, in summary, the Democrats are concerned about illiteracy and either incompetence or indifference among their charges. This typically arises among individuals who do not have a vested interest in their own welfare, let alone that of others. It is progressive corruption of individuals and subsequently society.

        If there remains any individual of integrity at the UN, then they will respond to the call to action by the Democrats, NAACP, and others by investigating the Democrats, NAACP, and others.

    • OldnyFirefighter

      She is truly an example of a dizzy blond. If you remember how dippy the blond Crissy was on the old Three’s Company comedy show,  it tells you exactly who Debbie Wasserman Shultz actually is. She is probably even dippier than Crissy was & wouldn’t remember what she said five minutes ago. I met her here in Florida last year & I was so impressed I had to take an aspirin to get rid of my headache. Make no mistake, she is a real flamin dipshit.

  5. The Machine

    Classic psychotic symptom on display. 

    Don’t take my word for it, I’m just a lowly engineer.  Ask a psychologist. 

    Matter of fact, there are probably literally tens of thousands of psychologists in this country who might benefit from seeing this video, come to think of it. 

    Physician, heal thyself…

  6. n.n

    Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil. They are pro-choice.

    The winds must not be blowing in their direction, despite any claims to the contrary by their marketing department.  The present solar activity is also unusual and unexpected.  They will need to act quickly before further losing momentum.

    • eNeecie

      The Democrats truly are Pro-Choice–not Choices. They want to reduce everything to one “choice.”


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