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If these so-called Black Panthers are so concerned, why can’t they accept the now “one million dollars” and get George Zimmerman themselves? Why do they need someone else to stick their neck out, defy and risk action from the police? Are these Panthers pussies?

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  1. n.n

    Blacks vs Hispanics? The Hispanics have a better record of survival.

    There is evidence, including eyewitness testimony, that Zimmerman was first attacked by Martin. It seems that NBP does not want justice, but to stoke division among Americans. In such an event it is understandable that individuals with a direct interest react with overwhelming emotion. This does not explain the activism by the NBPP. It does demand that individuals who are capable of objective thought should moderate the conclusion. As for the reward, really? If the NBPP are racial supremacists, and when they exhibit selective indignation, they define their motivations, then it would be in the best interest of their race to help their own first. Instead, they horde the wealth for, ostensibly, the exploitation of an emotionally appealing moment to serve their selfish interests. At least some of BP came to realize with the wisdom of old age the deception that permeated their youth. Perhaps it’s just a matter of time before NBP also comes to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

    Still, this is about a conflict between two men. One is now dead and the other stands accused of a capital crime. This cannot be considered lightly, and a course of action cannot and should not be pursued without a legitimate claim. If possible, the investigation should be completed now and not rely on future intervention and discrimination by the ACLU, SPLC or some other civil rights business.

    • The Machine

      One is indeed now dead, but the other does not stand accused of a capital crime. 

      At least, not by proper authorities…


      • n.n

        I believe it has been approximately one month since this incident occurred. At the time, the local authorities acted upon the physical evidence and, apparently, eyewitness testimony. However, recently, this case was “reopened,” and now even involves the federal government. There is clearly a public perception of guilt, which, ostensibly, justified bypassing the intermediate levels of authority. We are past the allegation stage and, if not there yet, are approaching the accusation stage, and have witnessed a de facto trial (and more) in the public sphere. Whether he is ultimately charged, whether his action is confirmed to have been in self-defense, his future has been largely determined.

        I do not have a history of such incidents; but, it’s my impression that this extra-judicial process does not set a desirable precedent. Since there has been no evidence presented that this case is anything but the exception, it seems reasonable that any accusations of improper conduct by the local authorities would place the burden of proof on the accuser. Actually, that’s it. This case is less about Martin and Zimmerman, than about the surrounding events and processes. Hopefully, the local authorities acted impartially and properly, and this belated concern can be resolved quickly; otherwise, let the conspiracy theories commence, and let loose the lawyers.

        Well, whatever the outcome, the indignation expressed by some individuals and cooperatives, and especially the federal government, is selective. It does not represent the reality in this nation. It will increase the distrust between people based on their racial, ethnic, religious, whatever identities. It will encourage the isolation between groups of people based on historical differences. Surely, the best and brightest understand the consequences of their actions. If they do not, then they are either incompetent or possess undeclared ulterior motives.

  2. MissJean

    Pure dumb-assery, says the over-the-shoulder reader.  Putting a bounty on a man’s head, right on CNN.  What is this, Venezuela?

  3. aelfheld

    Why do they need someone else to stick their neck out?

    They know Zimmerman is armed.

  4. Chris

    If I cared to search for the latest statistical data I would expect to find that most black people that die by gun shot other than by resisting arrest are being shot by other blacks.  Where is the outrage?

  5. Lazarus Long

    Ooooh! Nice Uniforms!  Oh Look — they have shiney silvery things on the collars too.

    I wonder if they are permanent press.



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