B&R Interview Of The Day

I have an interview on Canada’s Sun News later this week and I’m going to ask if they’ll let me do it standing. After years of doing video on my feet, I think I’m much more relaxed when I do this standing.

UPDATE: I’ve been asked to sit Thursday.

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  1. The Machine

    So practice, practice, practice, sitting down while doing the do. 




  2. louielouie

    be careful if it’s an ambush/debate.  always the cynic.  break a leg.   you’re going to post right.

  3. n.n

    The only advise I would offer is to consider offering your responses in the form of an “elevator speech”. That is to say short and focused, as if you were interviewing for a job (i.e. selling yourself), because you in fact are doing just that. I think that is one of Gingrich’s qualities that is worth mimicking. It is easy to accomplish in a prepared script, but in a live interview requires experience. It is well worth the effort as it increases the likelihood of capturing and holding your audience’s attention before they have an opportunity to establish and develop a bias.

    Good luck, Bob.


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