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No, these aren’t old school thugs in a courtroom facing the music….

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  1. Jimmy Z

    *sigh* I am so tired of this. To deny that the hoodie is a part of gang culture is just absurd. In one of Dr. James David Manning’s most astute and reasoned monologues, talking about the Trayvon Martin, he talks about hoodies. Listen to his simple, logical reaction to the hoodie Martin was wearing (at 3:10 in the video). And this video was uploaded way back on March 16th, waaaay before the hoodie issue became a cause célèbre.  It’s just ridiculous. The fact is, often here in LA, we see surveillance video in liquor store or jewelery store robberies, and often the perps are wearing… you guessed it: hoodies. A hoodie and a pair of sunglasses does a good job of concealing identity.


  2. Tallyman

    Let me assure you that wearing hoodies is one of the few honest things they’ve done in office.   The former Inspector General submitted a report to then NY Attorney General Cuomo who did nothing about the bribe taking.  This is one example:   http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2010/10/22/nys-ins-general-widespread-democratic-corruption/

    The NY Senate Democrats also insisted on $50,000 each in pay to play for major Union leaders to have access to them and $25,000 for lesser Union leaders.   Do you wonder why there was no prosecution?  Might it have something do with the fact that Democrat Cuomo was AG, the Albany (capital) DA, Soares, a Democrat and all the DA’s in NY City’s five boros are Democrats.  Another racket run by these characters is to own a Medicaid clinic and get rich “helping” the poor with Medicaid funds that included huge profits which weren’t for doctors or nurses.

  3. RoseRRR

    “Bill Lumbergh” (second from the left) in a hoodie.

    What’s next?  Ongoing TPS Reports on this whole situation?

  4. n.n

    “Children.”   They remind me of the Democrat legislators who in selective indignation threw a temper tantrum and left their state.  They are the role models for the next generation.

  5. The Machine

    No time to try to fix ANY of the many things wrong with NY…


    • PB-in-AL

      Indeed, they have to bring “awareness” to a situation in another state that doesn’t even remotely concern them. “Distraction” as S.O.P.


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