Does The Media Wants A Race Riot?

I say they do…

It’s quite clear the media is stoking the outrage flames (thus their ratings) of the Trayvon Martin shooting, going as far as even manipulating polls

The two polls shared the same distribution of political partisans, each sampling 30 percent Democrats and 25 percent Republicans. The remaining 45 percent either identified themselves as independents or declined to answer the question.

Is the liberal media hoping for George Zimmerman’s capture or death, and/or maybe some good ol’ fashioned rioting (which makes for great footage) to further enhance their action line of America being divided by race?

Pardon my cynicism, but the answer is clearly yes.

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  1. OldnyFirefighter

    Obummer needs a crisis! He is worried about the erection. Oops, I mean the election, so he needs either a distraction or out & out confrontations at street level. Remember? Never let a good crises go to waste! We all know the MSM has been pimpin for Obomy since before his election, why would they stop now. The MSM has had a good teacher in the lie, distort & evasion tactics, as Obomy does it all of the time. That is why I listen to the news with one ear & make sure it is the one with the most hearing loss.

    • n.n

      They have been putting forth an excellent effort to provoke a critical response.  The American people deserve to be recognized for their extraordinary patience and tolerance of these unsolicited antics.

  2. Tallyman

    Yes, they want rioting because in their demented brains they believe the majority will side emotionally with the Black agitators and readership and viewers will increase.   But people don’t believe the liberal media and their power to persuade or intimidate to their viewpoint is vanishing.   We still have secret elections.    In example, i offer Juan Williams and Arab dressers.  The more they do this; the more they are ignored and their readers and listeners vanish..

  3. BobG

    Race riots make good copy for newspapers.  The fact that there is a leftwing bias in the media doesn’t help, either.

  4. n.n

    Their selective indignation reveals their true nature. It only requires a cursory review of publicly (and especially nationally) advertised violent crimes, including those resulting in death, to understand their motives are impure. The Zimmerman/Martin case stands on its own. It does not reflect any greater truth and, in fact, it contradicts the facts in evidence. Once again, these people have acted stupidly for purely selfish reasons.

  5. IT Nerd

    The left knows that rising gas prices, continued high unemployment, rising debt and increased threats to our country from abroad signals huge losses in the upcoming election so they resort to tactics of desperation in order to salvage as much as possible.

    Much like Kamikaze pilots in WWII.

  6. Koala

    From what I have seen, Bob, yes! It is inexcusable! Who wants a big distraction away from the real crisis?


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