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If any of you know young people still caught up in the Kony2012 fad, share this video with them. If they’re still Konies, can you say “lost cause”? Then again, you probably already knew that.

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  1. aelfheld

    I doubt that Soros is particularly relevant in the push to send troops to Uganda.  The left/liberal/progressives have always supported sending troops into situations where the U.S. has absolutely no strategic interest. It’s those situations where we do have direct and vital interests that the left/liberal/progressives start howling.

  2. ecotim

    I can not remember where I posted this, could have been here.  But worth saying again.  I talked to a friend that is from Uganda.  He told me that Kony is a Chirstian leader fighting the Mulsem’s who are trying to take over the country and kill all the Chirstians.  No wonder Obama sent troops there…

    My friend also said that he did get too extreme which is why he left. So we have Soros and Muslem taking over a country and who is supporting it? Obama.

    And they wonder why people with brains question if he is a Chirstian.

  3. Koala

    If Soros is so willing to part with his money to support causes that will increase his income what can one do to hustle the hustler? Think “The Sting”. How about some ideas?

    • The Machine


      Soon the whole bunch of ’em will have stepped into the doodoo of their own making and will be their own undoing. 

      Weeping, gnashing of teeth, all of that and more…


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