The B&R Monday Skim

Mitt Romney’s staff played an epic April Fools’ Day joke on their boss
Let’s hope this “joke” isn’t a sign of things to come

House Dems eye policy responses to shooting death of Trayvon Martin
But they’re not politicizing this
Crowds Smaller Then Predicted At Bayfront Trayvon Rally
Some know more what young black males are likely to do than liberal elite media types
West Side church members march against violence
March on your black-on-black murders first, y’all
Mad Men Takes A Swipe At Mitt Romney’s Father, Calls Him A ‘Clown’
ACM Awards take dig at Tebow: Broncos ‘sacrifice a virgin’ for a Super Bowl
The entertainment elite sticking it to off their customers again
Britain facing week of snow
Not getting off that easy
Eugene Robinson, remember Duke?
The liberal media moved on real quick after that one
Justices ‘took off their chains’ in health care questions
Assailing the Supreme Court
Liberals now screaming “judicial activism” when it doesn’t go their way
Ray Charles’ foundation sues his children
Why Electing Mitt Romney Will Save The US Economy
Why electing anyone but Obama will save the economy
Dirty Harry’s Little Secret
He’d rather save his Democrats than save the country
Report: Saints bounty players could face criminal charges
Any of us could go to jail if we planned to hurt someone else
Swing States Poll: A shift by women puts Obama in lead
I’m making a new bumper sticker soon
Obama allies launch ad campaign hitting back over gas prices
“Hitting back” is always easiest for this administration instead of actually doing something
Md. woman won’t share $105M lotto jackpot with McD’s co-workers
I’ll get in trouble for saying it, but that’s why I’d never Lotto pool with liberal black folk
Indiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Citizens To Use Deadly Force Against Police Officers Into Law
THIS could be interesting…

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