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Trayvon Martin: Zo on a roll…

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  1. Sighed Effects

    This insistence on focusing on violence that occurs in other situations does nothing to address the situation other than attempting to justify racism.
    The reason there is outrage on this case because of the history in America. A unarmed Black teenager was shot by a man that identified with the White perception of profiling Black people as criminals and an all White jury found there was nothing wrong it – no crime had been committed.
    There’s also a fallacy of false equivalence by claiming that anyone that is outraged by this is akin to the New Black Panther Party, which is a marginal group of misinformed individuals. The commentator in the video wishes they would “just go away” but gives them a platform. Why even address them? They are marginal in every sense of the word.

  2. LouDeF

    The young brother is extremely bright and should go very far as a spokesman for a huge section of the forty million Blacks in America. He could have made his point about Black on Black crime without taking on Al Sharpton and other Blacks who speak for, and to, us Black folk. The only Blacks who may be able to call other Blacks Uncle Toms ar those Black who solely talk to, and with, Black people. Blacks who go on White media programs, whether they are conservative or liberal media progams, cannot call anyone Uncle Toms. By going on these programs they have made it clear that they have to go before whites to speak to Blacks. They are like Black politicians who believe that they have to use white advertising people to reach us Black folk. Once we attack others we take our minds off the main points. Black on Black crime is something we have to deal with. As long as we are fighting among ourseleves we are not unifying our resources to make our lives better. We are 40 million strong in America. The population of Greece is just eleven million. We are allmost three times the population of Greece, a country that we are told, if it goes bankrupt, will place America in a depression. What happens if we unify and decided to save our money, decide to stop wasting our money on things we do not need? As long as we are not unify we will never know the answer to this question. Building unity is not about turning the other cheek. It is about networking first family, then with friends and then with others. Attacking other is about salling the building process. Constantly pointing out the defects of others implys that these defeats are not seen by others. They are. It has been my experienc that children know when adults do wrong things. Thus, I know children know when they do wrong. Everyone is born bright and then be become slow. It is call the aging process. these is a great site. Let us build it up. Let us take all the positive points and pass them on.  Lou Def, a 74 year old Black Man

    • n.n

      There are many incidents that never reach wide distribution.  This is not the exception, but the rule.  There is no clear pattern to distinguish between events which are exploited and others which are obscured.  In fact, some of the most horrific receive little to no attention outside a locality.  This is how it should be.  Dealt by law enforcement and subject to justice in the community affected.  Unfortunately, the hypocrisy of the opportunists demands that all such events receive equal hearing on equal ground.  It is people like Jackson and Sharpton who have established and defend the rules for covering crimes of this class.  It’s unfortunate that national media and even the president do not comply in equal measure.

  3. ex-pat Michael

    I’m not sure which came first: B&R or the Zo.  Living overseas, I was searching for conservative voices in the face of all that was the 2008 campaign.  I happened upon both of them at roughly the same time (more than a month before the Nov 2008 election).  I think I may have found B&R first and saw a Zo video for the first time.  Both Bob and Zo are a breath of fresh air.  One day, I hope to meet both of these men and shake their hands.

  4. Iron Mike

    After a long day dealing with IDIOTS, Zo comes as a breath of fresh air!

    Hope he runs for Congress some day!  Imagine some MoonBat trying to debate him!?!  Ha!

  5. breadbasket

    Zo is always spot on. I love how uses the guy’s own words to nail him.

    • The Machine

      Zo is a real disciple of the One who did the same thing…

  6. n.n

    First, I would like to offer a shout out to Governor Brewer.  Keep up the good work and represent the citizens in your republic.

    Now, for Zo, who offers to moderate for individuals who are temporarily overwhelmed with emotion.  Never let  a crisis be exploited; and a perfect combination of entertainment and education in your report.

    Focus people.  Focus.  We need to address causes rather than symptoms.  While we are not a collective, our fortunes, welfare, and even lives are at stake; and we do have common cause to preserve a civilized society.

  7. Koala

    Now I see why the “Stand Your Ground” laws are necessary. If this young man isn’t a citizen of the U.S. shouldn’t he be deported? I like Alfonzo. Thanks for featuring him, Bob.

  8. IT Nerd

    I hope this guy hits the big time someday.  His messages are always spot-on.

    • Igor

      IIRC, wasn’t Zo on B&R before he made it big on MRC/PJTV?

      • The Machine

        He sure does have the talent. 

        And it keeps gettin’ better. 

        In a right world, this man would already be on nationwide TV, syndicated.

        Good on ya for posting this, Bob! 

        There’s always room for the best…



      • Richmedia

        I remember mentioning him to you two or three years ago. Is he still at PJ TV? This is AlfonZo at his finest, yet it doesn’t seem to be at his YouTube channel. Makes it tough to embed at my stock WordPress blog.

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