Should Ex-Men Be Able To Compete In Women’s Pageants?

Sorry, but this just doesn’t seem fair or right (and it doesn’t help the image to have Gloria Allred anywhere near you).

Jenna Talackova, the transgender woman who was temporarily disqualified from the Ms. Universe Canada beauty pageant, said that even as a child she knew she was “in the wrong body.” Representatives for Donald Trump, whose company owns Ms. Universe pageants, said earlier this week that he would reverse the decision to disqualify Talackova and that she would be allowed to compete in the pageant.

Is it right to allow transgender “women” to compete for Miss or Ms. anything?

  • No (94%, 158 Votes)
  • Yes (6%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 168

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13 Responses

  1. Koala

    How do implants measure up to real mammary glands? Can natural women win against the man-made woman?

  2. Mauser

    Blood test.  If there’s a Y chromosome, you’re a Guy, no matter how you’ve mutilated yourself.

  3. Tallyman

    Finally, a “woman” who won’t laugh at them.   Send “her” number to Olbermann and Al Gore and they can fight over “her” and in court, too..

  4. crosshugger

    All I can say is yuk……If God had intended you to be a girl, He would have made ya one.  God was not conflicted but these folk sure are.

  5. Ilion

    What? You’re asking, “<i>Should psychicly-disturbed castration fetishists be allowed to assert that they are women, and be empowered to call on government force and violence to compell the rest of us to pretend to believe them?</i>”

  6. Uncle Rick

    I recommend the book Brain Sex to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of what makes boys and girls different. As it turns out, it is entirely possible for a person to have a woman’s brain in a man’s body. It has to do with hormones and their effect on the developing brain. This is not the same as homosexuality. Most homosexuals are happy enough to be men, they just prefer other men, rather than women, for sex. Even those with the most effeminate mannerisms are still just troubled men. They are not really feminine or womanly; they  simply affect what they imagine a woman to be like. But they can’t know.

    It seems that it is far less likely, though not altogether impossible, for a person to have a man’s brain in a woman’s body. If Cher Bono was not taking testosterone for some reason while she was pregnant with Chastity, then she (Chastity) is simply a very troubled person who, for some reason, is unhappy being a woman. I suppose that might be similar in some way to Michael Jackson, who was unhappy being black.

    • n.n

      Whether it results from structural aberrations or freewill, the ensuing behavior is deviant.  How do you propose to reconcile the rights of the affected individuals and others?  Are there any overriding concerns?

      • Uncle Rick

        We all have the same rights, of course, and they do not include the ‘right’ to compel others against their will except to prevent harm to any person or person’s property or to remove a hazard or nuisance. Ms Talakova may be one of those unfortunates I identified, but Trump can do what he likes with his pageant. Allred’s already a disaster probably beyond salvaging.

      • n.n

        I do not suggest restricting their rights per se.  I do consider distinguishing between behaviors to normalize, tolerate, and proscribe.  Whether your faith is in God or in a circumstantial objective reality, there are overriding concerns.  I am interested in optimizing a reconciliation of the two known orders: natural (i.e. evolution) and enlightened (i.e. conscious).  Do you have any suggestions?

  7. louielouie

    when i first heard this story, what came to mind for me was, how is it going to sound, if a former miss america went on to become the father of three?

    • n.n

      That would be the confused’s prerogative.  In fact, the mutation could occur midstream, midsummer, mid-shower, etc.  It’s a liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal world.

  8. n.n

    The War on Women

    First, they came for the men, and the feminists applauded. Then, they cam for the women, and the feminists were appalled.

    Men and women have significant base physiological differences.  This is not, contrary to popular opinion, limited to our reproductive capabilities; although, that is the most noteworthy difference.  Perhaps we should extend the natural classes of male and female to include confused.

    Evolutionary dysfunction seems to be a progressive condition.


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