Open Thread Saturday

Cash Money Millionaires
Jewish Liaison Flap Exposes Rift Between Chairwoman, Campaign
Are these the best and brightest Democrats have and is this yet another reason for optimism this fall?

  • Iron Mike

    Wanton anti-democracy liberalism:  the result of allowing socialists to teach in our schools – from kindergarten through grad school – for 40+ years.

    Here is your generation of mindless, drug using liberal anti-America / anti-Israel automatons.

    Oh, and they breed too…

    • n.n

      A decadent lifestyle has corrupted them.

  • Tallyman

    Have full stable of Jewish Princesses available for marriage, cheap.    They require lots of spending cash and are guaranteed to look like Washerwoman Schulz in a few years.  Guaranteed to not ever challenge you intellectually.   They’ve all had bat mitzvahs where their mitzvah was fealty to Liberalism and the Democrat party.  Desperate fathers will make any deal to make one yours.

    • The Machine

      No thanks, I prefer my woman to have fake jewelry and real orgasms…

      • LOL

      • GoodMojo

        Hee Haw!

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