New Black Panthers Call For Race War

What’s really ironic is that if there is to be “race war” it won’t have been started by white supremacists or neo-Nazis or even so-called intolerant conservatives. It will have been started by a “post-racial” president and vengeful attorney general who instigated and later cowardly sat back and watched, shameless race pimps and a biased, narcissistic media who exploited the death of a young black man thus creating an opening for fringe racists no one cared existed until last week.

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  1. av8rkirk

    Well if the Panthers want to bring on a race war I will make sure we leave our front gate open for them. They may encounter a wee bit of resistance here on the farm.  Never bring a semi auto weapon to a full automatic gun fight.

  2. MissJean

    I almost want to laugh. What timewarp have these “New” Black Panthers come from? More young people self-identify as “mixed raced” or “multiracial” than just black or white nowadays.  Unlike our president, they’re not going to throw their white grandmas (or parent or light-skinned cousins) under a bus for the sake of some BS race war.  And what about people of Middle Eastern or Asian descent? Are they going the way of the “white Hispanic”?

    “Freedom or Death?” I say they need a third option: Shut the fuck up, you ignorant mofos.


  3. Tallyman

    What do people need before they end their delusions of Obama?  The Panthers are enabled by Obama’s Holder and could be ended by Obama.  Look where the political roots of Obama were planted at Ayers’ home.   What were and are Ayers’ goals?  The media are useful idiots at best.    Luke 6:43 ~ “No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.”     Ayers is a bad tree.

  4. RightSide

    Given that blacks are outnumbered approximately 9 to 1 it doesn’t seem to be the smartest course of action to start a violent race war. Refer to the hunting license statistics state-by-state and one will see hundreds of thousands of “crackers” already have weapons and know how to use them. I doubt they’ll be initially involved; those will be the white supremacist types. But push come to shove the weapons will come out.

    This is a lose-lose situation for everyone. What needs to happen is the people no matter what race calling for outright violence need to be taken off the streets and put behind bars. Will Holder go after the Black Panthers? Don’t hold your breath. Will Romney? Same advice.

    • The Machine

      Yes, RightSide, the situation has me on high alert. 

      For it is typically the innocent who get killed in this kind of crapola. 

      Stay safe. 


  5. Shaitana

    The neo Nazis are already planning to ‘patrol’ the streets of Sanford…

    Do these particular ahem, black people understand just how bad it will be fore them (much less everyone else) if they really and truly start a race war?   People WILL feel they have to choose sides and if one side is indiscriminately against another, than it isn’t too hard to guess where most white folks will fall…

    I don’t want to see this happen.  EVER.  I owe my life and the life of my firstborn to a man.   The fact that he is black SHOULD mean nothing, yet I find myself having to defend this man to people when the subject of ‘niggers’ comes up.  How do I explain to my firstborn who is now 10, the difference between decent folk to happen to be black and the ones who just want to kill all whiteys..     I just don’t know what to say or think anymore.

    • The Machine

      Understanding situations gets totally wiped out by the psychosis that the evil one puts into the unprotected mind. 

      This BPP thang is not new, way back when yours truly was an undergrad, got confronted by two of them, leather jacketed and with afros and one of them had an old pump shotgun suitable for maybe huntin’ rabbits, back in the day, while attempting to enter a building at university and simply attend class. 

      “You need to join us, brotha!”  one said to me. 

      “For what?”  says I

      “We bringin’ da war home to da white man!’ 

      About that time, the Air Ntional Guard, in training runs, had contrails criss-crossing the city skyline that morning.

      I pointed up at the dot that was making one of the latest contrails, likely an F-4 Phantom, and asked Bro #2 with the shotgun if he thought he could hit that jet with it, walked around ’em and continued on to class…


    • n.n

      Do what you can do.  Do what the abolitionists of yesteryear did.  Stand your ground.  When Blacks oppress Whites, stand with the Whites.  When Whites oppress Blacks, stand with the Blacks.  Do the same for Hispanics, Asians, etc.  Do not initiate confrontations.  Do not even seek them.  Assess the situation and act accordingly.  Do not do it for profit, but respond in the course of living your life.  That is how we normalize relationships and overcome prejudice.  There are well-defined causes for prejudice and they are not inevitable.  Ironically, it has been the progressive “civil rights” initiatives, which have served to perpetuate the prejudice.

  6. n.n

    This is the group that Holder excused.  They are insane.

    When the white supremacists march, they are confronted by “civil rights” activists. When the black supremacists march, they are supported by “civil rights” activists. When any other “minority” supremacists march, they are supported by “civil rights” activists. And some people wonder why relationships are strained. Why prejudice following from distrust, fear, and envy persists. The “civil rights” businesses are tainted by prejudice and a bias for profit. Let’s hope the government sees fit to apply the rule of law equally.


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